Entrepreneur New Year Resoultion All YearEvery year, you make promises to your family, your colleagues and yourself that this year will be different. You are going to be more focused; more committed…this time you are serious. You mean business! No more playing around.

2014 is your year!

I know, I have been there…time and time again. Each year feels different from the last, yet they are all the same. One disappointment after the other. I also know that you are tired of it. You are ready for a change. You are ready to live the life you always dreamed about. You are ready to spread your wings and fly.

You are tired of setting New Year’s Resolutions and falling short of reaching your goals.

You are long overdue to reach your goals. It is time to reconcile your reality with what you want in your life. It’s time to achieve extraordinary success.

It’s time for a revolution.

Dear Success Seeker, I know that’s you because you are still reading this page. You, like so many others are gearing up for the battle of the New Year Resolutions! You are dreaming of big changes in your life. You are ready to take your business to the next level! For those of you who know me, have heard me say many times…

[dropcap] B[/dropcap]usiness problems are often personal problems in disguise.

Don’t let this be the case for you any longer! Put your foot down, take a stand and demand of yourself…determination. First, you must be willing to take an honest look at where you are now. You must take a birds-eye inventory of your life. What areas in your life are causing you discomfort? Where is the pain?

In order to reach extraordinary success, you must seek and destroy the barriers and limitations that are standing in the way.

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What’s holding you back from experiencing the level of success you want?

Let’s find out. Complete the following sentence. I would be successful if only____________________________________. or

I will be happy when_________________________________________. or

I will_______________________ when _________________________. [/messagebox]

What BIG change or you waiting for in order for you to fulfill your dreams?


  • Get fit | lose weight?
  • Make more money?
  • Start or grow your business?
  • Get that promotion?
  • Complete your degree?
  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Take that dream vacation?
  • Quit smoking , drinking, partying
  • Improve your social life?
  • Gain more confident?
  • Be a cosmopolitan?
  • Become a mover-and-a-shaker?
[/check-list] You KNOW that something needs to change in order to prevent old habits from kicking in and sabotaging your dreams like they did last year..and the years prior.

That’s exactly what I decided when FINALLY, once and for all, I changed my entire approach to New Year’s Resolutions. I knew something had to change and it was up to me to do it. I could not rely on anyone else. My fate was in my hands and it was time for action. So,

I Decided, The Time Is Now.

Frustration And Pain Create Powerful Change

Do you know frustration and pain are the greatest change agents on the planet! You see, I was SO sick and tired of letting each year pass by and setting the same resolutions over and over again. I would feel so angry when I failed at achieving my goals. I would be so disappointed with myself that it would throw me off course for weeks at a time. As you can image, I would often justify getting off track and quickly return with a fail-proof remedy…A NEW PLAN OF ACTION. This is how it worked in Callahan World… If I lost focused in January, in February, I would convince myself it was no big deal because I could emerge a success in the spring. When spring arrived earlier than I anticipated. I would plan to begin again over the summer and prepare for success in the fall. Of course, with back to school, the weather changing and the leaves falling, how can an entrepreneur stay focused?

So I go back to the drawing board with the end of the year in mind to hit my success milestone. Before I know it, I am back in New Year Resolution land again! It’s a new year, this time is different, I’ve grown, I learned, I’ve gained new experiences….each is the new catalyst for change. Together, they will lend to THIS YEAR as the year of success.


Year after year, just like you probably do, I sit with myself and try to figure out, why can't I stay focused?WHY?

Why can’t I stay focused? Why can’t I just do it? Why is it so hard to get what I want? Why can’t I just be happy for once! I kept asking myself why I could never seem to stick to my new year’s goals. I knew I WANTED these things. I knew they were important to me. But clearly not important enough to do anything permanent about them.

Why? Why? Why? Does this sound familiar? I know I am not alone, IT’S NOT JUST ME! If it were just me, you would have left the page already.

Let me ask you, have you ever reached a point where you were so annoyed with yourself and your situation that you finally just screamed, “enough’s enough”? Well that was me just a couple of years ago..and it was a major turning point in my life. I immediately sat down and got focused. I started on an introspective journey with success in mind.

I started brainstorming all of the choices I’d been making – both consciously and through pure habit. I studied my patterns. I allowed myself to see my bad habits. I began to recognize limiting beliefs and negative thinking were major barriers to the extraordinary life I envisioned for myself.  It didn’t take long for me to realized that I had been causing me so many problems. I was the culprit. I Finally Discovered The REASON I Was Failing…

And the reason was me.

I was an amateur. Although I was a professional, I walked like newbie.  I was tying to walk among the elite with a hobbyist mindset and way of doing things. I had not been ready to take my place among the super successful. I thought I was, but I really wasn’t. I was playing it safe and worse, I was playing it small. It wasn’t too long into my journey of self-reflection before I made the discovery that changed me, forever.

change begins with youThe insight I gathered was immeasurable in both my personal life and in my business. I gained clarity about the EXACT reason preventing me from transforming my business from hobby to profit. Literally. the exact reason.

I discovered, Yes, I had professional experience, education, wisdom and yes even tons of life experience. But I was still lacking. What I did not have was CHANGE EXPERIENCE. All of these years, I had no idea there was a process for change. There was a way to examine what you want – your New Year’s resolutions (or ANY goals for that matter), and systematically understand the necessary; [arrow-list]

  • Mindset – how you have to think
  • Action Plan – what you have to do

to make REAL change.

My Results Went Through The Roof!

Once I had the understanding and clarity about  how the super successful people properly set AND achieve their goals and resolutions, I immediately knew I could repeat the process. I could create a blueprint in which I could refer to anytime I wanted to achieve a new goal! I got busy working on myself and that’s when it all turned around. I started achieving some basic short term goals. Those little wins turned into more noticeable achievements. Before I knew it, my life was totally transformed! LESS than a year went by and I had achieved EVERYTHING I set out to do for the year.

I had actually SET and MET my New Year’s Resolutions. I could not lose! So, I thought…the only thing I did wrong was set my goals too low. I allowed limited thinking and lack of courage prevent me from aspiring to greater heights…but that’s no more. The blueprint was complete. And now, I want to share everything I have learned with you.


new release - New Year R3 - Andrea Callahan

As seen all over the internet!

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New Year R3™ is an entirely new way of approaching your New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, it is a new way of looking at your life in general. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the only constant is change itself” and I could not agree more.

Life is about CHANGE. But the question is, are you happy with the changes you are making? A better question to ask yourself:

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]re the changes you’re making serving you well?

New Year R3™ will help you take control of the changes you make this year… and beyond.

This powerful program contains 2 main components… The first thing to do...The New Year R3™  Book – powerful book about New Year’s resolutions


that uncovers a new way of looking at the changes you intend to make in your life   The second thing to do... The New Year R3™ Success Map Planning System – detailed planning system that you can use to map out your major objectives for the year and begin tracking your progress monthly, weekly and even daily to ensure long term success

What you will learn…

  • What a resolution really means and why you may have missed this point in the past
  • Common pitfalls that cause most people to abandon their resolutions
  • Recent trends in New Year’s resolutions and how they may be impacting you
  • The difference between a goal and a resolution
  • How to turn your resolutions into tangible goals
  • How to determine the best strategies for reaching your goals
  • How to pick and set your larger life based goals that determine your course of action
  • How to use accountability to guarantee your results
  • 18 critical components all successful achievers implement into their resolution planning
  • How to use the “My Success Map” system to plan out your overall Vision, Yearly Goals, Monthly Goals, Weekly Goals and Daily Goals
  • Strategies to use your resolutions to catapult your business success
  • and much MUCH more
The Time is NOW! Look… you have been WANTING to change for years and you are sick and tired of letting yourself down. I bet you are even sick and tired of being sick and tired! This year does not have to be like last. Your future does not have to be like your past. But if you want to experience CHANGE you must become a student of CHANGE. And with with New Year R3™ your education begins today.Take control of your destiny once and for all. I look forward to meeting the NEW YOU!

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Now it’s time to act. The moment of decision is here. It’s not a matter of will you act now…but how much action are you prepared to take? If you are ready to make moves and start your year off achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams, then may I invite you to see which  New Year R3™ is right for you.

New Year R3 - Emerge LevelNew Year R3Emerge Level

4 Star reputation callahan coaching

Here is what you get for joining usNew Year R3 Paperback

[pullquote align=”right”] 1. New Year R3™ Resolution, Revolution, Reconciled book [/pullquote]

This 90-page book was written exclusively for your success. It is an easy fluff-free read jammed packed with practical, strategies and best practices for your success.

Part I – The New Years Resolution

Part II – The Revolution Resolution

Part III – Staying Focused

Part IV – Reconciling your goals, dreams and reality.

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New Year R3 Success Map

[pullquote align=”right”]2. New Year R3™ Success Map planning system [/pullquote]

The simple success map is designed to help you plan your vision, goals and actions for the year. It contains an extensive planning system you can use to track your yearly goals. The New Year R3™ guides you to turn those big dreams into realistic monthly, weekly and daily trackable actions.

45+ pages intended to help you achieve remarkable results. It will do exactly what it is designed to do…turn you into a high performing magnet for success.

Change unproductive habits, build motivation and expect extraordinary results.

The system includes:

  • Your overall Purpose -Vision-Legacy statement
  • Your annual goals and vision
  • Your monthly goals and mission
  • Your weekly manageable goals
  • Your daily success objectives
  • A weekly recap
  • A monthly recap

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Don’t you want to learn how to create a winning mindset? Think of how you can change your life in a short period of time. Don’t allow fear or doubt prevent you from exploring the possibility of amazing success. Imagine for a moment, what it would mean to you to achieve your goals. Capture a vision of yourself happy and fulfilled. Feels good, right? I know it does. Now you can create that feeling whenever you achieve your goals and win.

The time is now! Don’t put off another day. You deserve to get what you want. You deserve happiness. It’s a small investment that will deliver tremendous results. You know this is the opportunity you have been waiting for…from someone who understands exactly what you are going through. Find out how you can get started living the rest of your joyful life of success and prosperity.

Ready to go big?

or here's a better offer

yes it's time to upgradeIf that’s not enough, may I invite you to upgrade to the New Year R3 – Transform Level. If you are ready to take it up a notch and you are seriously interested in transforming your life from where you are now to where you want to be…your chance is NOW. Your perspective will change. How you view goals and success will never be the same again.

2014 is the year of your greatest achievement. Make this statement true.

you are exceptionalI’m hoping you fall into the category of people who recognize a great value and WILL NOT let it go past you. It’s your time. New opportunities awaits, if you will open your mind and allow the success to manifest. Take control of your life and follow dreams. You deserve it.

Are you determined to succeed? Then, you have finally reached the right place to begin your journey to joy and abundance. NOW…Not tomorrow…Seize the moment!

Upgrade to the…

I am ready to transform my lifeNew Year R3Transform Level

4 Star reputation callahan coaching

Here is what you get for joining us New Year R3 - Emerge Level+

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New Year R3 eCourse

[pullquote align=”right”] 1. New Year R3™ eCourse [/pullquote]

This 52-week eCourse was put together to bring you a mini-library of strategies  and techniques for staying committed to your intention. You will learn tips to help you remain focused on your goals. As an entrepreneur or anyone working toward a specific achievement, your success is directly related to your internal commitment to your resolution.

With the New Year R3™ eCourse, you will have continued support and reinforcement delivered directly to your inbox of choice.

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  New Year R3 Special Report [pullquote align=”right”]2. New Year R3™ Special Report [/pullquote] Websites | Blog Posts | Articles | Videos | Apps to move your success forward.           [separator top=”30″] Don’t go on wondering if you could have achieved your goals. Don’t risk your success because you are doubtful anything will change. You may have concerns if you can do it. I say, “Yes, you can!” But in the end, the only one that matters is you. Do you believe you can change? Do you have what it takes to walk among the successful? Do you even believe you deserve it? You are smart, you are courageous and you are intuitive. Use your skills, talents and special gifts to get what you want in life. You don’t have to take a back seat another day. Get into the driver seat and set your navigation for success. I’m telling you…you deserve to be happy. You deserve to live an abundant life. Go get it. Create it. Do it now! Click the link below and let’s get started.

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