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Transforming business through passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs.™

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Many entrepreneurs lack confidence and manage their business in fear. They are often isolated and overwhelmed with the demands of owning a business. When small business owners find that business is performing poorly and sales are lacking, they call Andrea Callahan and her dedicated team of experts to help them operate from a place of strength by providing the strategies, tools & best practices they need to succeed. For the passion & purpose-driven entrepreneur...

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What You Should Know About Callahan...

A Message From Andrea Callahan, Chief Executive Officer

I am in business to support creative dreamers pursue their aspirations to create extraordinary businesses.

My mission is to lead small business owners to become Industry Influencers to expand their brand, craft marketing messages to attract their ideal client, build a tribe of loyal followers and earn the revenue they deserve doing what they love.

The people I serve are so important to me because creatives are filled with 3:00 am BIG ideas and they just don't know how to execute a plan to fulfill them. They are often isolated in ingenuity and creativity misunderstood. They need strategies, training, support, inspiration, challenge and structure to build their enterprise.

I understand entrepreneurs, and I believe I am the one to give them what they need to thrive.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose & extraordinary business,

Andrea Callahan the entrepreneur's coach

Andrea Callahan preparing entrepreneurs to become Industry Influencers

What You Should Know About Callahan's Business...

What Else You Should Know...

Our vision:

At Andrea Callahan International, our vision is to transform passion and purpose-driven entrepreneurs into Industry Influencers; by remodeling those 3:00 am BIG ideas into extraordinary business strategies.

What we do:

Our team specializes in crafting custom-tailored branding, marketing communications,and relationship marketing plans. We set up discovery, relationship and sale systems for small business owners to strategically increase revenue and build net worth.

Andrewa Callahan International Industry Influencer Marketing

Who we serve, best:

At Andrea Callahan International, we are excited about dreamers who are ambitious about taking action steps to move their vision into a thriving enterprise. We love authentic movers-and-shakers who are determined to reach their goals. It takes courage to enter the market place independently and we admire entrepreneurs who dare to execute. The passion and purpose-driven entrepreneur who is moved into action by their limitless mind will l-o-v-e working with us! Conscientious trailblazers who are ready to leave their mark on the world & impact their communities are our best clients!

Success principles:


Holistic strengths, skills & special gifts


Hero's journey; your personal & business story


Intention, vision, mission & goals


Deep inside target market for ideal client


Effective vehicles to deliver messages to best client


Cultivate public perception & relationships


Creatively share knowledge & expertise


Evolve, grow, learn & develop


Facilitate personal transformation &  conscientious business


Sheperd a generation & nurture a tribe


Our mission:

At Andrea Callahan International, our mission is to lead small business owners to take a holistic approach to implementing strategies, best practices and maximize tools to grow their business from the inside out.

We are committed to partnering with imaginative service providers who intend to leave their unique footprint in the world. We adore sophisticated business professionals who intend to share their expertise, talent, skills and special gifts to positively impact the lives of the people they serve. We relish in promoting those who are serious about transforming their dreams from a hobby to a thriving enterprise.

We diligently work to meet entrepreneurs at their intention. Andrea Callahan International rewards clients who have the courage to enter the marketplace by offering a plan of action to efficiently move them to holistic business success. Our meticulous attention to our client's business objectives is instrumental in helping us to craft and implement savvy work plans that exemplify their strengths while supporting their areas of need.

We coach service providers to carve out their unique selling platform & sales funnels by becoming Industry Influencers. We encourage entrepreneurs to do more than survive. We challenge them to thrive by knowing and wearing their strengths on their sleeves and making it so clear they are the obvious choice for their ideal buyer. We consult with small business owners to implement innovative campaign strategies. Our team fosters a supportive collaboration that encourages entrepreneurs to move to clarity of thought, and a clear expression of their authentic passion and purpose-driven business. In addition, we teach teams to increase both efficiency and productivity through personal development, professional soft-skills and leadership training.

With the entrepreneur's core values, principles and expertise at the center; we craft branding, Influencer marketing strategies and marketing communications to build wondrous public relationships. We teach entrepreneurs to stand in their truth, share their authentic story and relish in the prestige of their unique differentiation. With this distinction, experts are better positioned to attract, connect and serve their ideal client. The goal is to encourage laser focus on serving that ideal client with excellence; to build a tribe of loyal repeat buyers and brand ambassadors.

We genuinely have enthusiasm to create synergy and mastermind with movers-and-shakers to increase their potential, maximize their opportunities for success and build better businesses.

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Andrea Callahan Principal Coach & Lead Trainer Callahan Coaching & Consulting,LLC

Principal Coach & Lead Trainer since 2006

Transforming business through passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs.™