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The Procrastination Puzzle webinar with Andrea Callahan

90-minute webinar

In the spirit of sisterhood

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Join me for the webinar that changes lives. It's time to get untuck and get going. Spend 90-minutes with me to work through some barriers and obstacles as well as discover a few, real, do-able problem-solving techniques.

It's your turn. Let's find the missing pieces, and put this puzzle together so you can stand tall in your brilliance, now.

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I learned alot

"At my age, I thought I knew myself. Doing the work to figure out why I put things off was difficult, but I'm tough. I have always been a perfectionist, I better understand why now. This was good"

P. Garcia

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Let's get started on the journey to uncovering your Procrastination Puzzle.

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"It's awesome. Sign up. Download the workbook. Write in your journal. Do the work. Trust me you won't regret it"

Trina Fellows

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YouR $1 offer

You are just one step away from breaking the cycle of procrastination. Now is the time.

The Procrastination Puzzle webinar with Andrea Callahan

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