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What would you be doing one year from today if you started believing that you deserved it?

The Worthy Ways 12-Months to Joy

Today is the day that you celebrate the new year. Each month you will be given an overview of the topic at hand, a set of exercises and a weekly follow up to help build consistency. Each week you will receive an email reminder of your tasks for the week. This is designed to keep you on track while minimizing the amount of time you spend on this program.

Worthy Ways 12 months to joy course

Take a deep breath, be mindful, and envision what your life could be like this time next year. May I invite you to see more your options, think about the possibilities. and daydream about a better life. In 365 days, you could be:

a happier you

a more confident you

a healthier you

a financially secure you

a stronger you

a spiritually connected you

Or any version of yourself  that is most important to help you practice self-love for your personal achievement, professional success, and fulfilled living.

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Online events: webinars, live training,  Q&A

Audio tools

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Action guides: refection sheets, journals, workbooks, books, reflection exercises

Intention + Vision

Month 1

This month we're exploring the best version of your life and taking a deeper dive into the experiences necessary to achieve that vision. We are going to take time to be mindful of our thoughts and feelings to uncover what living as your authentically bold brilliant self looks - and feels like.


Month 2

When your thoughts, feelings, and habits are aligned toward one purpose. it will create synergy with your intentions. In month 2, we'll learn to implement habits for developing purposeful living as well as  maintaining a mindfulness lifestyle.


Month 3

You are responsible for your life. Joy is intrinsic, it derives from the inside out. Self-love, peace, and fulfillment start with within. None of the above can be achieved outside of yourself. For this reason, it's necessary to take responsibility; therefore accountable. The process takes courage, and support.


Month 4

Nothing has more power in living in joy than persistence. Think about it, if you don't persist,  you will stay stuck. If you stand still, you don't get what you want in life.  Joy is journey. It's a journey of self-love, self-awareness, and self-care.

Facing Fear

Month 5

Being brave requires practice, almost like a physical workout. Similarly, to building arm muscle by perfecting the nightly push up routine, practicing your courage muscle helps to make it easier to face your fears. This month we review how to prevent fears from overwhelming or paralyzing you.

Acting As If

Month 6

Acting As If is not faking until you make it. It's more in depth than just pretending. Acting As If is doing the work to see the difference in how you think, feel, and act now VS what you need to change to get what you want. Together, we will learn to act in the way, with the traits needed to get what we want.

The Ask

Month 7

Although it is true that happiness starts from within, however, you don't have to live in a vacuum. This month we are going to spend time getting comfortable in asking for what you need. You can be self-sufficient and still have needs to be met. Get out of your comfort zone to ask others for support.

time management

Month 8

Time is one of your most valuable resource, where you spend it sheds a light on where your priorities rest. If time is money and it can be subtracted and added then how much time can you afford to waste on things that don't move you toward peace, love, and joy? This month we will explore.


Month 9

You are smart, insightful, and brave. It is essential to share your brilliance with the world not only through your words but also your non-verbal communications. Communicating well will include thought and preparation as well as straightforward delivery in order to express yourself effectively.

keeping score

Month 10

In this month we learn to importance of celebrating all wins. We acknowledge the small and the large. Many times, we miss moments of joy because we are waiting for the BIG deals. It is important to chart your personal growth. To see how far you've come will boost your self-esteem and confidence.


Month 11

We will cover how to maintain and apply a broad understanding of financial management principles to help you make fiscally sound choices. It is important to prioritize having a healthy relationship with money. Examining your relationship with money will help you make responsible decisions.

giving back

Month 12

Serving others is the best way to bring joy to your life. Evidence shows that helping others can benefit your mental health and well-being. Paying kindness forward can reduce stress as well as improve mood, self-esteem and overall happiness. Poor into yourself in order to help other experience joy.

Bold Self-Love =

personal achievement

professional success

 joyful fulfilled life

Today is the Day to Celebrate the New Year

Do you think it is possible that in 1 year from now, your entire life could be different? Today is the day that you can start anew, one year from now, your entire life could be closer to what you imagine.

At the end of 12 months... you will have given yourself the chance to focus on pure self improvement in 12 vital areas for LIFELONG transformation. All it takes is a few minutes a day to create focused, intentional experiences that will move you closer to joy. We are a community of seekers who will partner with you and support you on your journey to living a more fulfilled life.

Just think... 1 year from now EVERYTHING could be WAY better. All you have to do is take the first step. Join the Worthy Ways program today and give yourself the gift of personal success and true happiness. You should start join us. Log in below or create a new account. You should complete the 365 days of transformation, because you are worthy. You deserve joy.

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