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Our time together will get you started thinking about the first steps in rewriting your story. The 92-page Rewriting My Story Journal allows you space to move beyond old fears, judgments, and resentment.

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Recognize that you're telling yourself a story
Question that story
Construct a new story, and
Practice telling your new story

Stories have power in our lives. They influence our perceptions. We are shaped by our stories. We live by stories. And yet ultimately, we have power over our stories.

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ReWrite My Story: One Day at a Time Planner + Moment by Moment Journal Combo

How Self-Love Tackles Stress + Anxiety A strong sense of self-love can help to combat stress and anxiety. When you value yourself, you take care of you. You put yourself first. Be brave and prioritize your needs, wants, and your happiness. This gives you a strong foundation to make decisions that are in your best interest, rather than falling prey to things that trigger stress and anxiety. Be brave, take control, stand tall and lead in all of your bold brilliance.

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