New Book Reveals: Strategies to Teach Entrepreneurs to Engage & Connect Customers to Increase Business Success

This simple and easy-to-read guide will teach you how to use the opportunity to build a culture of like-minded people who will not only support your business, they will also be loyal to your brand and your community.

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  • Be Authentic & Unique

    You can’t appeal to everyone, you must attract those who are going to directly be impressed and influenced by you. You will create a deeper, closer bond with your readers if you narrow your focus. Customer loyalty is the key to long-term success.

  • Comments & Feedback

    Provide opportunities for your followers to communicate with you. Two-way dialogue will help you stay in tuned with their needs and encourage participation and discussions that may prove to be valuable for your business.

  • Sharing Is Caring

    If your followers are connected to your vision and mission they will buy into your purpose. Encourage them to invite others and make it easy for them to share your message across multiple platforms to gain more exposure. Increase your market-share & solidify both your business brand & reputation.

A Blueprint to Engage & Connect Your Customers Together

No matter what business you’re in, real success comes down to the people involved and the connections that you make.

Online social communitiesYour Online Community Defined

An introduction to some of the most popular social platforms for creating a thriving on-line community of distinction for your business. I provide best practices and strategies for building communities on each. Learn how to get connected and stay relevant with your followers. The success of your business in part depends on your ability to foster comrade and belonging for your customers or clients.

Everyone feels more enthusiastic about a business when they feel some type of personal connection to it, whether they are customers, prospects, or employees.

For some people, that could just mean going to the local store and having the owner greet them by name. For others, it’s getting a personal email reply when they ask a question via a contact form.

There are many experts teaching business owner how to market their business, close the deal and find new customers. Andrea will teach how to revitalize and maintain momentum with your past and current customers. The customers that you have satisfied and pleased with your service should be a specialized focus. Those customers have already demonstrated interest in what you have to offer and they will prove loyal if you engage them in their daily life. In fact, the more your customers know you and your brand, the more likely they will pass the word about your business.

One way you can build personal connections in your business is to create online communities where everyone can interact. In this book we’re going to cover a few ways you can do just that. A happy engaged customer is the best marketing tool available for your business. They will send you referrals, out of due diligence as if they were referring a friend

Take a look at what else Callahan covers in the Designing Your Online Social Communities book:

  • Building a community surrounding your blog
  • Maximizing Google Hangouts™ to make your space the "place to be"
  • Using Facebook™ Groups to pick up where your page ends.
  • Turn your Twitter™ followers into a relationship.
  • Use Linkedin™ for more than just a resume place holder. Use it to network and mastermind with other business owners
  • Turn your Pintrest™ Community Board into the story of your business vision, values and mission
  • Understanding the real value of Google+™
  • Best practices for creating and maintaining your own on-line community
  • Seeking non-assuming social networking sites to build relationships, like a Youtube™ page
  • Sparking interest, leading dialogue and maintaining relevance in your followers lives

If you're ready to turn your business around, stop wasting your time and start making a lot of money in your business then make the decision to do something about it, right now.

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I didn't believe starting a blog about exotic cars, car-care and technology would lead to increase sales in my dealerships but it did. Every reader was a potential buyer, they may not have ran out the same day to buy a auto from me but when they were in the market or knew of someone who was looking to buy a car, they thought of me, my blog and my dealership.

Randy Williams
Randy Williams RW Auto Group
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