12th August 2022
Industry Influencers,

Today, I spent much of my day looking for a new CRM platform. Of course, I Googled™  to start my search. After spending some time reviewing each platform, like I always do, I immediately began looking for reviews. I want to know the experience of other users in order to make an informed choice. What others think about the platforms greatly impact my buying decision.

Before I trust someone's review of a product or service, I must do a bit of research on the reviewer. First, I must determine if they are an Industry Influencer or at least someone who is at the top of their game and thereby selective about what platform they choose for their business. Secondly, I must look for affiliate links and advertisements. I need to know if the reviewer is giving a glowing recommendation because they receive commission or if in fact, the service is good.

As I reviewed site after site and reviewer after another, I began to think of the number of hits and misses I have experienced over the last 11 years. I have tried so many platforms that I could really save a newbie some time, money and energy by avoiding the losers.

It wasn't until today, that I begin to so some research for a podcasting platform. Like many of you, I have done this many times before. In fact, I have used several of the platforms I researched today. SMH. If only I had done a review years ago, I would be able to refer back to my own experience!

So, here is the birth of Callahan's Industry Influencer Tool Review. I will begin by reviewing the products and services that I have previously used. As I move forward, I will be reviewing new platforms as they are launched. I may have affiliate links for the products I recommend but please know that I will not ever recommend a tool for monetary gain.

When there is a platform that I highly recommend I will, more than likely, have an affiliate link. It's just good business sense to do so. It's a win-win for all of us.

Callahan's I AM Exceptional TeeIf ever you have a different opinion, please share your experience. Industry Influencers are often low on time so we need to streamline use of the very best tools possible. My goal is to recommend products and services that:

  1. Maximize brand awareness
  2. Deepen consumer relationships
  3. Build loyal tribe of brand ambassadors
  4. Increase revenue

Let's get started on my personal Industry Influencer Tool recommendations!

I hope you have find my recommendations helpful, I would love to hear from you. Get in the conversation, share your thoughts on the inside.

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