52-Week Affirmation Journey

Module 1: Q1

Hey there, beautiful soul,

Breaking our big dreams into quarterly goals is like mapping a treasure hunt—each step is thrilling and brings us closer to the prize! Q1, from January to March, is our launchpad. It's where we set the stage, build momentum, and start the year with clear, achievable steps. As we embark on our 52-week Affirmation Journey together, you'll find that setting quarterly goals makes the process more manageable, less overwhelming, and ripe with opportunities for little victories and lots of celebration. So, here's to our first quarter of growth, goal-setting, and affirmations that sing to our spirit—let's make these first three months a beautiful beginning to a transformative year! 🥂 

PLEASE NOTE: Just a little reminder that the beauty of our 52-week Affirmation Journey e-course is that it's always the perfect time to start. No rule says Q1 has to kick off in January. Whenever you're ready to begin is the right time for your Q1. It's your journey, and it unfolds at your pace. So, whenever you decide to take this step, know that your path to empowerment and self-love will be waiting for you. Let's start this journey together, on your terms, on your schedule.



Embracing self-love is essential for overall health and well-being. It's not just about feeling good; it's about creating a foundation of respect and care for yourself.


Let's reshape your view with a splash of positivity this week. Embrace the habit of spotting silver linings and nurturing possibilities.


Embrace the essence of self-assurance and belief as you delve into the topic of confidence. Within you lies the power to conquer challenges and embrace opportunities.

"Your journey to self-love isn't tied to calendar pages. It begins the moment you choose to embrace it, any day, any month—Q1 is whenever your heart is set to embark on the path of affirmation and growth."

~Andrea A. Callahan

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52-Week Affirmation Journey

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