52-Week Affirmation Journey

It's time for self-care.


Week overview

Let's reshape your view with a splash of positivity this week. Embrace the habit of spotting silver linings and nurturing possibilities. It's not just about brightening your own path, but also casting light that guides others. This week is all about the strength of positivity—it's your secret tool to shine light, even in the shadowy spaces.




This Week's Affirmations

Embracing positivity isn't just a mindset; it's a life-changer. For us women, it's like a superpower that infuses more joy, love, and peace into our lives. When we choose to see the good, to find joy in the little things, and to lead with love, we're not only nurturing our spirits but also creating ripples of peace that touch everything—and everyone—we encounter. Positivity is the lens that transforms our world, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. This week let's let that positivity bloom and watch our lives flourish in its light.

 I am attracting positive and energizing experiences into my life.
I radiate positivity and joy.
I am optimistic about my future


7 Day Planning Worksheet


Courage & Bravery Meditation


Podcast Episode

Positivity Pouch

The intention:

The aim of lesson two is to curate a collection of joyful keepsakes from each day, building a powerful atmosphere of gratitude and a lasting, sunny outlook on life.

The set up:

Find a small pouch or bag.

Item collection:

Throughout the day, place small items or notes that evoke positive feelings into the pouch (e.g., a kind note, a lucky coin, a trinket).

Daily reflection:

At day’s end, empty the pouch and reflect on each item’s significance.

Speak your words into existence:

"I am" statements are powerful affirmations that, when spoken, can profoundly shift our self-perception and life trajectory. They act as declarations of our identity and intentions, shaping our mindset and propelling us towards the reality we affirm.

I am ____________________
 I _______________________
 I  am ____________________


Place items back into the pouch. Think about how this exercise served as a tangible way to practice mindfulness and gratitude. 

I am ____________________
 I _______________________
 I  am ____________________


Take a deep breath, feeling the day’s positive energy. Collecting small tokens of positivity, anchors you to moments of happiness throughout the day, fostering an ongoing sense of appreciation. Reflecting on these items daily enhances your awareness of life's blessings, nurturing an optimistic outlook and a grateful heart.

You are brave. 👊🏽
You are evolving. 🙌🏾
You are empowered. 💪🏽
You are loved. 🫶🏽

"Keepsakes are more than objects; they are echoes of joy, each carrying a spark of positivity that, when revisited, can reignite the warmth of cherished moments in our hearts."

~Andrea A. Callahan

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52-Week Affirmation Journey

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