52-Week Affirmation Journey

Module 2: Q2

Hey there, beautiful soul,

Wave goodbye to Q1 with pride and step into Q2 with exhilarating anticipation! This next quarter is where we build on the foundation you've laid, diving deeper into your affirmation journey. It's time to blossom, to grow, to really come into your own with the strength and wisdom you've nurtured. Think of Q2 as your personal spring, where the seeds of self-love you've planted start to sprout and thrive. Get ready to be amazed at your transformation and to celebrate every step of this incredible adventure. Let's make this next phase even more vibrant and life-affirming than the last! 🥂 

PLEASE NOTE: Just a little reminder that the beauty of our 52-week Affirmation Journey e-course is that it's always the perfect time to start. No rule says Q2 has to kick off in April. Whenever you're ready to begin is the right time for your Q2. It's your journey, and it unfolds at your pace. So, whenever you decide to take this step, know that your path to empowerment and self-love will be waiting for you. Let's start this journey together, on your terms, on your schedule.



Step into the realm of bravery and inner strength with the theme of courage. Courage isn’t absence of fear, but the triumph over it.


Navigate the landscape of resilience and uncover the art of bouncing back from challenges. Like a steadfast tree weathering storms, you too can rise stronger from setbacks.


Pause and embody the virtue of patience as you explore its transformative power. Patience isn’t passive; it’s a practice of strength and understanding. In a world of haste, embrace waiting as an art.

"Your journey to self-love isn't tied to calendar pages. It begins the moment you choose to embrace it, any day, any month—Q1 is whenever your heart is set to embark on the path of affirmation and growth."

~Andrea A. Callahan

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52-Week Affirmation Journey

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