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How To Use Mindful Exercises to Bring Calm, peace, & fulfillment in your life

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Mindfulness keeps us connected to the present moment, aware of our thoughts, feelings, & the central truth of our experiences

Mindfulness meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years as a way to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and the negative thoughts that prevent us from realizing happiness and peace in the present moment.


when You're seeking meaning & Truth in Your life

Perception is like a mirror. We tend to see the world not as it is, but as we are. With mindfulness, the mirror of perception is cleansed, and we learn to see our world without judgment or resistance.

Mindfulness allows us to fully, intimately and kindly engage with our life just as it is. Through mindfulness, we develop an understanding of the connectedness of all things, which leads to greater tolerance and compassion for ourselves and others, and a deep sense of gratitude for our unique path in life.

Meditation is a lifestyle. Approaching each moment of life as a moment to practice mindfullness, we embrace an awakened state of BEING. In this elevated state, we experience the joy, success, love, presence, peace and purpose that we all deserve.

Andrea Callahan

mindfulness exercises help you live in the moment for extended joy

Mindfulness Exercises

Being mindful takes practice. You must do mindful exercises to strengthen the mindfulness muscle. You must invest in yourself to live a life of joy.


Mindful exercises

A Break for Self-Compassion
Affectionate Breathing
Awareness for People Just Like You
Awareness of What You Like About Yourself
Breathing in Compassion for Self and Breathing Out Compassion for Others
Compassion - Four Infinite Thoughts
Daily Practices for Love and Happiness
Forgiveness Meditation
Giving Kindness to Your Mind and Thoughts
Giving Yourself Care Through Physical Touch
Giving Yourself Compassion for a Difficult Situation
Giving Yourself Compassion for Failures and Mistakes
Giving Yourself Love and Kindness
In Depth Practice for Self-Compassion
Letting Go of Resentment by Forgiving Faults
Loving Kindness
Ordinary Kindness
Receiving Care for Yourself and Giving Care to Others
Recognition and Care for Those Who Frustrate You
Recognizing What You Need
Reflecting on Self-Compassion
Seeing Other People as Human Beings Rather Than Labels
Self-Love Meditation
Steps to Self-Loathe
Visualizing Receiving Love and Care
Wishing Well-Being Ourselves and Others


Mindful exercises

A Breathing Anchor for Your Wandering Mind
Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths
Breathe Away Anxious Thoughts
Breathing for Medium Amounts of Stress
Deep Breathing
Dropping the Suitcases of Worries and Regrets
Easing the Mind
Extending the Exhale
Focused Attention to Settle the Mind
Guided Visualization
Immersing Your Awareness into the Breath
Mindful Media
Mindfulness for Anxiety and Stress
Notice and Accept Your Body in the Present Moment
Nothing Thoughts to See Where the Mind Is
Nothing, Thinking or Feeling
Re-relaxing the Drifting Mind with a Home Base
Relieving Anxiety
Relieving Low Amounts of Stress
Relieving Stress with SBNRR
Resolving Internal Conflict
Simply Shopping
Soft Belly Breathing
Stilling the Mind
Stress Relief with Breathing
Visualization of a Beach for Well-Being
Visualization Stress as a Storm


Mindful exercises

12 Intentions of Gratitude
Affirmations of Gratitude
Appreciating the Little Things
Appreciating Things in Your Life
Ending the Day with Gratitude
Experience of Gratitude
Filling Your Cup Meditation
Focusing on the Positive Moments Throughout the Day
Gratitude - Appreciating the Simple Things
Gratitude and Gladness
Gratitude for Breath, Body and Mind
Gratitude for Your Body
Gratitude Is Not in the Words
Heart-Centered Gratitude
Making Room for Gratitude
Mind Appreciation Meditation
Sharing Gratitude
Starting the Day with Gratitude
The Foundation for All Abundance
The Power of Gratitude for Sleep


Mindful exercises

Alleviate Depression
Alleviate Feelings of Anger and Resentment
Alleviate Your Feelings of Loneliness
Attending to Emotional, Mental or External Difficulties
Being Mindful and Present with Negative Emotions
Build Resilience to Your Response to Anger
Clarity of Your Emotion
Dealing with Negative Thoughts
Emotion as the Object of Focus
Noting Your Judgements
Observe Judging with Awareness
Recognizing Your Resilience to Difficulty
Reduce envy and Celebrate Others
Reducing Depression with Someone Else's Love
Releasing Grief and Bringing in the Positive
Releasing the Pressure of Emotions
Rewriting Your Bad Day
Stopping Obsessive Thoughts About the Past
Understanding Your Emotions
Using R.A.I.N. for Difficult Emotions and Thoughts
When Your Mind Wanders


Mindful exercises

A Safe Place to Deal with Pain
Changing Your Perspective on Pain
Deep State of Relaxation for Chronic Pain
Making Room for Pain Discomfort
Pain - Body Scan
Pain - Breathing and Deep Body Scan


Mindful exercises

A Visualization to Relax the Mind for Deep Sleep
Bedtime Mindfulness
Mental Relaxation for Sleep
Relaxation for Sleep
Simple Sleep Meditation
Sleep Appreciation
Sleep Longer with More Ease
Total Body Relaxation for Sleep
Visualization for a Sleepy Train Ride
Visualizing a Beautiful Island for Sleep


Mindful exercises

Becoming Motivated
Boosting Your Brainwaves
Bringing Energy and Alertness to Your Mind
Building Confidence for Social Setting and Meeting New People
Concentrating Your Mind
Exploring Yourself as a Leader
Feeling Strong and Confident
Financial Abundance
Focus - Extreme Concentration
Focus and Eliminating Distractions
Focused Attention and Concentration
Focusing on Healthy Food Choices
Get Better at Feeling and Noticing
Learning How to Focus by Focusing on the Details of the Day
Motivation When You Are Unmotivated
Restoring Confidence When Negatively Impacted
Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them
The Importance of Daily Practice


Mindful exercises

Higher Self Meditation
Imaging Your Inner Land to Build Healthy Boundaries
Imaging Your Tree of Knowledge
Infinite Awareness
Manifestation Mediation
Mental Subtractions of Positive Events
Mindfulness While Being Creative
Reflecting on a Positive Future
Reflecting on What Connected You
Starting Your Day with Mindfulness
What the World Needs
Your Future Potential


Mindful exercises

Cultivating a Sense of Agency to Overcome Trauma
Dealing with Addiction
Focusing on Being a Healthy Person
Relax, Accept, Break Habits, Learn and Be Happy
Visualizing a Fountain for Healing
Working with Attachment and Addiction


Mindful exercises

Awareness of Each of the Five Senses
Awareness of 4 Elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire
Awareness of Smell While Walking
Awareness of The Body's Points of Contact
Awareness When Walking
Body Appreciation Meditation
Body Awareness and Where It Is
Body Scan with Liquid Sunlight
Body Scan, Advanced
Body Scan, Guided Meditation Script
Body, Scan, Intermediate
Breathing and Meditating for Self-Healing
Breathing While Touching Your Fingers
Bringing Awareness to the Entire Body
Calming the Body
Concentrating on Breath, Sound, and Sight
Earth Element
Feeling Your Feet Throughout the Day
Focusing on the Colors You See
Grounding Body Scan
Grounding Though Body Awareness
Mindful Bathing
Mindful Bathing
Mindful Body
Mindful Cleaning
Mindful Cooking
Mindful Journaling
Mindful of Your Food and Eating
Mindful of Doing the Dishes
Mindfulness When You Drive
Noticing Movement Through Breath
Ocean Mind
Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses
Sense of Sound
Settling Your Mind by Picturing Your Body
Shopping Mindfully
Short Body Scan
The Rhythm of the Breath Flowing Through the Body
Using Sounds as the Object of Your Awareness
Working Meditation


Mindful exercises

Being Present for Your Baby
Connecting with Your Baby
Focusing on Pregnancy and Motherhood
Gratitude for Pregnancy
Listening and Speaking with a Partner
Mindfulness for Kids
Mindfulness While Speaking with Others
Reflecting on a Role Model
Teen Meditation to Believe in Yourself


Mindful exercises

5-Minutes to Regain Calm, Clarity, and Confidence
5-Minute Simply Breathing Meditation
Awareness in Three Parts
Awareness of the Changing World
Awareness of Using Social Media
Awareness of Your Problem Without Fixing It
Awareness When You Are Killing Time
Become Aware then Focus and Expand Awareness
Breathing or Nothing
Bringing Your Mind Back from Thoughts
Bring Yourself into the Present Moment
Building Abilities to Communicate, Have Patience and Manage Time
Cultivating a Stable Mind
Experience Your Mind Like an Ocean
Feeling Tones - Pleasant, Unpleasant, Neutral
Feeling your Body and Mind as a Lake
Feeling the Breath
Focusing on Your Happy Baby
Focusing Your Attention Using Breath
Gladdening the Mind
Growing Happiness in the Mind
Intention to be Happy
Mindfulness of Breath
Mindfulness of the Present Moment Without Any Goals
Mindfulness While Waiting in Line
Noticing What Brings You Joy
Noting Without Identifying
One Complete Cycle of Breath
Open Awareness, Focus is on the Breath
Opening Your Awareness to Whatever is Arising
Pleasant vs Unpleasant
Several Meditations in One
The Practice of Smiling
Three Mindful Breaths (Extended)
Three Mindful Breaths
Two Minutes of MIndful Breathing (Extended)
Two Minutes of Mindful Breathing
Using the Power of Your Mind
Visiting Your Safe Space
Visualizing Your Day as You Wake Up
Visualizing Your Peaceful and Beautiful Place
What is Open Awareness
Whole Body Breathing
Laying Down Meditation and Visualizing a Lake


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