Successful brands exemplify their WHY, both inside and out. ~Andrea Callahan

You are your brand and your brand is you. Your brand is the vehicle that propels your service into your client's lives and into their hearts. Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your products, as well as offer a promise of excellence that you can live up to. Design a Uniquely Dynamic Brand that Exemplifies Your Passion & Purpose. Create your dream business.

"Andrea Has a Jewel With This Book!

"All I can say is what a gift you have! I want to thank you for opening your heart and wisdom through this book. You will not only inspire but help take people and their businesses to the top"

I, highly, recommend Author Andrea A. Callahan's book to everyone in business, especially in today's competitive marketplace."

LaDaria Richardson
Multi Beauty Pageant Winner & LED, Miss Black Charlotte/Queen City Pageant


"As someone in business for 30 years, I know the importance of branding. It is your promise to the world. I love Author Andrea Callahan's whimsical approach to getting the point across. In this book, she maps out how to make YOUR identity known and clearly defined. A Freelances "Bible."

I, highly, recommend Author Andrea A. Callahan's book to everyone in business, especially in today's competitive marketplace."

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen
Image Consultant Master & Business Owner

"I had this book for a while before actually reading it.  Once I began to read it, I got so excited, motivated, and relieved to finally learn the answers I needed.  I felt like everything I have been wanting to do and sort out in my mind was now brought to life by these easy and sensible directives.  This book will help me with being the best Me and Business Owner.  As a Consultant and Entrepreneur; I will be giving this book as a part of my services to my clients.  Callahan has really blessed us with a jewel for success.  Thanks a Million! -Venus Allen, CP Coalition"

Venus Allen
CP Coalition

Each element of your brand is intimately interconnected  and interdependent; and is only as effective as the whole. ~Andrea Callahan

Industry Influencers CHOOSE to be the OBVIOUS Choice for their followers

They get out front, lead from within, & leave their mark on the world.

Andrea Callahan helps Industry Influencers find their WHY through Charlotte small business training

Holistic brand management evolves and empowers brands; to stay fresh, relevant and in the lead. ~Andrea Callahan

Andrea Callahan's

The Personal Brand of You

Designing Your Image and Edge for Success

Finally, start living the life that exemplifies your values, mission, expertise and life's purpose.

Andrea Callahan's The Personal Brand of You Book on Kindle on

The most dynamic people know what makes them interesting, compelling and what differentiates them from the crowd. Learn how to capitalize on these distinctions and parlay them into your advantage. Creating your personal brand will afford you a competitive edge as well as THE preferred sought-after market leader position!

Finally start living the life that exemplifies your values, mission, expertise & life's purpose.


Andrea Callahan's

Design a Dynamic Brand that Exemplifies Your Life's Passion & Purpose.

Increase brand awareness by crafting effective marketing campaigns that attract, resonate and connect with your ideal buyer. ~Andrea Callahan

The Personal Brand of You Now on Amazon

The Personal Brand of You

D.I.L. Your Target Market

Define, Identify, Locate Your Target Market

Defining Your Dynamic USP

Defining Your Dynamic USP

STOP! The Marketing Madness book on Amazon

STOP! The Marketing Madness

Business Planning Basics 2 for Online Business Book on

Business Planning Basics 2 - Online

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Content speaks in the brand voice and reflects brand values; while as it entertains and informs the audience. ~Andrea Callahan

Engagement builds relationships in a deep and meaningful way to grow brand ambassadors and increase loyal repeat buyers. ~Andrea Callahan

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At Andrea Callahan International, we believe your brand influences virtually every activity as well as every buyer touch-point, which is why our marketing boutique specializes in Holistic Brand Management and Integrated Marketing Communications.

We help brands tell their story to attract the buyers who they can best serve, with excellence.

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