How COVID is Redirecting Brand Love

In the final stretch of 2020 many brands are trying to figure out how to keep their businesses afloat while planning for the unknown of 2021. These are challenging times that require changes not yet imagined. 🙌🏽 It's difficult. You can do it.⠀💪🏾

brand love with andrea callahan

Action Guide

As we close out Q4, take some time over the holiday to reimagine your brand. Think about how you can reconnect with your customers. How can you strengthen and deepen your relationships? How can serve your customers with excellence? ⠀

💡Here is something to have in mind...instead of thinking about marketing campaigns in the traditional sense, to increase revenue but rather to focus your marketing strategies on building a community around your brand. 

Your goal is to create a tribe of loyal repeat buyers who happily become brand advocates and influential in your brand success. Visualize that group of customers - who are they?⠀

Now work backward and ask yourself:⠀

1️⃣ How will generate customer satisfaction?⠀

2️⃣ What ways will you optimize the value you bring to them?⠀

3️⃣ How will you keep them connected and excited about your relationship?⠀

Moving into the new year of marketing, look to court your customers by creating a culture of mutual respect and yes, love.⠀♥️ 

We support artists. Image by Natalie White from Pixabay


Andrea Callahan inspires passionate & purpose-driven brands to maximize their strengths to craft an image that represents their WHY, and then use that WHY to position themselves as Industry Influencers; who share experiences that attract their Ideal Buyers. Callahan is a speaker, seminar leader, and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear." Callahan is also the principal brand manager @ACIagency, a high-end boutique, integrated-marketing agency, specializing in helping locally-owned brands share their WHY.

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