How to Become Successful through mindfulness doing what you love

How many people do you know that are highly intelligent and hard-working yet they haven't been able to meet their goals. I often wonder what differentiates the successful. What keeps some people motivated to pursue their goals while others complain and speak negatively about the go-getters. Why are some people trendsetters while others follow in the shadow? How did you decide to get out front and take the lead?

mindfulness for success

Maybe unsuccessful people make poor decisions? Perhaps they have trouble with discipline? Is it possible this is you? 

Are you experiencing roadblocks on your path to success? Do you feel like you're spinning and just can't get on track? I do understand that space all too well. There was a time in my life that is seemed like I just couldn't figure things out. It felt like I had all the pieces in place yet they weren't in the right order.

After many years of frustration I began to believe there was something going on that was bigger than my effort. When you're in corporate America there are many trainings that teach you about success hacks, including organization skills. OK! That's it. I need to get more organized. So, when my company sent me to a Franklin Covey leadership training to teach me their planning system I was elated! This will get my life in order. Here I was with a brand new $300 planner system with a chic planner binder and still feeling overwhelmed. 

As it turns out, with all the planning systems available, it doesn't single-handedly change your life. I had programs to help organize my email, I had a blackberry and a laptop attached to me and I still had trouble keeping up. If home was good, I was neglecting my work. If I was on top of all my responsibilities at work, I was missing out on something at home. I was failing at the home-life balance. In my mind, I wasn't successful. 

How Did mindfulness help?

My life took a turn when I started paying attention to my habits. I learned there are habits that had an impact on both my personal achievement and professional success. Here are a few things I learned that helped me get my life on track:

  1. Successful people plan out their day the night before. So I put my planner into action by planning what my day would look like. I prioritized those items that I had to get done. Starting my day knowing what I wanted to accomplished gave me focus. This clarity helped to redirect myself when the unplanned tried to take over - and we know it always does.
  2. Successful people read books for inspiration. I started to read biographies of successful people and I practically lived in the "Self-Help" section at Barnes & Noble. I also studied my craft from professionals who came before me, to learn strategies and best practices not learned in school. The daily reading habit expanded my knowledge and help to navigate my journey to success.
  3. Successful people make mental, physical and spiritual health a priority. What you put into your mind, body and soul directly impacts your daily output. What you feed grows. Making smart food and drink choices for example helped with my energy level. Exercising helped with my insomnia so I was no longer start my day exhausted with a clouded mind. Meditating helped clear my thinking, reduce stress and maintain a positive mindset. 
  4. Successful people mind their business. I stopped measuring my success by someone else's story - and expectations. My life's journey is as unique to me as my thumb print, so it didn't serve me well to think about someone else's perceived success. I learned we all struggle, we have all fallen short at times, we all make mistakes and sometimes, we all have self-doubt. No one's life is perfect and if it's perfect for them. 
  5. Successful people live in gratitude for their gifts and stop trying to live a "perfect life."  Life is busy, it is often chaotic but I learned it is important to savor moments. I learned in the midst of all the pressure to exceed that it is important to celebrate the small wins. I released the attachment to control every aspect of my life.  I came to understand as a parent, a spouse and a leader, it is my job to plant the seed to share my enlightenment. It is not my job to define another human's destiny. Now, the pressure is off. I can simply live in the now. Enjoy the present. Release the stress. I became pleasant, calm and a source of inspiration for my family and colleagues. 

set your Journey's compass

A key component of mindfulness is being fully aware of what you want in life. As equally as important is the task of training your brain to accomplish your intentions. Success is in the journey to achieving your goals, don't get so caught up in achieving your goals that you don't lose sight of what matters most. 

How many times have you driven to work and don't remember the ride because your only concern was whether you arrived on time or not? Mindfulness is enjoying at the fall foliage or the blooming spring flowers on route rather than ride in anxiety with road rage. 

Expand your mind while at work. Find joy in your work. 

Do What matters, first

There are times in life when you must focus on achieving a goal. When you have a deadline it becomes necessary to concentrate to get it done. Mindfulness will help you decide on what matters first. When you have a decision to make, pause for a moment and ask yourself, "Does this bring me closer to my goals or further away?"

If the answer is "closer," consider how to amend your schedule to maximize your time .

mindfulness is the key to success

Industry Influencers must focus. You have so many things vying for your time at one time. I know as you're focused on one task, you are thinking about the nine other items on your To-do list waiting on the side. Mindfulness will help you be aware when you are distracted as well as help you return to focus on what needs your attention right now.

We know how important communication is for Industry Influencers because miscommunications can tarnish your brand in unforgivable ways. As a leader, you can't afford to have confusion about your intentions, goals, values or the mission of your brand. It is important that you both listen and speak with intention.  Practicing mindfulness helps you clear your head of other thoughts and encourages you to be fully engaged in the conversation.

Mindfulness helps you regulate your emotions. It alerts you to become more aware of the changes in your emotions., and the triggers that affect your emotions. Reduce the number of emotional outbursts or exclamations of negative emotions that set the tone for the moment. Using breathing and visualization techniques it will be easier to acknowledge and process your emotions. 

Mindfulness for emotional control and balance

Your emotions guide your perspective which is directly impacted by the stress that you experience while on your day-to-day grind. I know all about the pressures of juggling the responsibilities of home and work, yes it can be overwhelming at times. It certainly can be a challenge to maintain a positive outlook as your To-do list grows. 

Worrying, stress and anxiety all work to zap your energy, which can lead to depression. Mindfulness is an effective way to help you prioritize what's important. It helps you to become more intentional about what's essential, right now. Once you are clear about what takes central focus, it becomes a breeze to align your goals and daily tasks. Mindful helps you categorize what's truly urgent vs those things that are capturing your emotional attention.

Industry Influencers, use mindfulness to help you make better decisions. Better focus, an elevated sense of awareness, and appropriately experiencing your emotions will significantly improve the quality of your decision making thereby improving your life and your your business.

It's my honor to connect with you today, I hope this article serves you well. Now it's my turn to listen to you. Mindfulness has instilled the habit of me listening to hear, not just to formulate a response. I am truly listening and paying full attention to your comments without distractions. I am focused and actively listening. 

I am not a mindfulness expert. I have not formally studied the practice.  I am a woman who discovered mindfulness during a time when I was in desperate need of a change. However, I would not advise you to take my word for it. do your research. There is plenty of both science and testimonials  that confirm what I and millions of other people have experienced. 

Mindfulness is being conscious of how you're feeling. It's about you being more intentional about your thoughts and actions. 

Mindfulness is the foundation for becoming your best self. It is an amazing starting point to change the trajectory of your personal achievement and professional success.


Andrea Callahan inspires passionate & purpose-driven brands to maximize their strengths to craft an image that represents their WHY, and then use that WHY to position themselves as Industry Influencers; who share experiences that attract their Ideal Buyers. Callahan is a speaker, seminar leader, and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear." Callahan is also the principal brand manager @ACIagency, a high-end boutique, integrated-marketing agency, specializing in helping locally-owned brands share their WHY.

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