Positive Affirmations for Self-Love

The best way to get the most from affirmations is the dedicate some time each day. My favorite time of the day to practice positive affirmations is in the morning before I start my day because it sets me up with a positive mindset for the day. I also repeat my positive affirmations at night before I go to bed. This practice brings my day to a close in a positive way. I signals to my mind, that the drama of the day is officially over. It's time for me to release and let go.

I also have my affirmations recorded so I can play them anytime during the day when.I need to get to my subconscious mind quickly! This practice grounds me, It helps settle my nerves, releases tension and redirect my mind to a positive state.

I AM enough women empowerment

Every day, in every way

The key to getting the most benefit from positive affirmations is to really feel them as you say them. Repeating them without an emotional attachment is just reciting empty words. Belief in what you're saying is where the magic happens. You may be uncomfortable at first, sure but over time, it will feel more natural. 

Note: Affirmations are not a magic pill, it's and effort to condition your mind to work in your benefit. Your mind believes what you say...so be mindful...and strategic. Speak with care.

Yes, you are...all of the above.

Which affirmation(s) speak to you? Is there one that leaps off the page that you will adopt starting today? Share with me in the comments which affirmations are your favorite? Don't forget sharing is caring, please share on your social. 💕🙌🏾


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