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Most Business Problems Are Personal Problems In Disguise

I am willing to bet PROCRASTINATION, PERFECTIONISM & LACK OF ASSERTIVENESS are hurting your success? There is a reason why you are distracted, unfocused & find it challenging to stay motivated.

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Are you pretending to be happy and successful but live in fear that people will find out that you really aren't who say you are? Do you have a need to do everything perfectly? Do you have to be in control at all times? Does it take you a long time to get started on a project or follow up with a prospect?

  • The Imposter

    You pretend to be happy and successful but are always worried others will find out the truth. Do you procrastinate and want to do everything perfectly? Is your extreme competitiveness burning you out? Are you faking the good life so others will believe your achievements?

  • The Rebel

    You don’t care what anyone thinks or says about you. You prove everyday how strong, smart and powerful you are.  People don’t understand you and more often they are jealous of you…is this true? You don’t need anyone. You can do it yourself!

  • The Victim

    Do you feel helpless and don’t have any control over your life? Do you look for others to validate your thoughts and feelings? Is it difficult for you to manage in the cruel world and hard times it seems to bring to you? Bad things always happen to you!

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Everyday you get better and better, in every way. You have the power to make it true. You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power to change it all. And I am here for support. You are not alone.

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 Did You Know 80% of All People Admit to Experiencing Low Self-Esteem?

Low self-esteem is fact of life. Though this is not a disease, this condition is very eminent on many people. It is not contagious yet some 80% of people worldwide suffer from it from time to time and it will affect the outlook of life, even the lifestyle, of sufferers.

Low self-esteem is an internal condition where the individual’s feelings, beliefs, and emotion are constrained in a manner that he cannot express freely what he is as a person. The feelings, beliefs, and emotion are reflected through the person’s treatment of himself and his perception towards other people around him. Self-esteem itself can either be temporary or permanent psychological condition. Low self-esteem for that matter can be temporary or permanent.

The duration of a person “suffering” from low self-esteem is entirely dependent on the person itself. If he is conscious about his condition and would want to change it, there are methods on doing it. However, for a person to recognize that he has low self-esteem and something must be done about it, he should learn to accept who he is and believe that he can overcome it.

David McCarthy’s "Consequences of Low Self-Esteem"

Everyday you get better and better, in every way. You have the power to make it true. You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power to change it all. And I am here for support. You are not alone.

  • Bold

    Creating an opening for yourself, rather than waiting for opportunities to come to you. You have the drive and where-with-all to go get what you want. Difficulty and challenges do not hinder your expectations.

  • Confident

    Knowing you are capable. You are certain in your skills, talent and special gifts. You are optimistic in your thinking . You believe you are successful. Your words and action display your achievement, proudly.

  • Courageous

    Quality of mind and spirit that enables you to persevere. You confront doubt, fear, pain and intimidation; in gratitude and with grace. You deal with the unknown and unpleasant circumstances with a brave heart.

This Is Your Truth

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This course is not just for entrepreneurs, it's for anyone who has ever had to deal with low self-esteem. Here are a just a few points you will work through in our time together:

  • Quieting you inner critic
  • Exploring new things
  • Letting go of the past
  • Setting expectations
  • Health & wellness
  • And so much more...

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I AM...Bold, Confident & Courageous Workbook

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