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When you are the face of your company, you REALLY need holistic, integrated marketing strategies.

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Andrea Callahan helping Industry Influencers brand their WHY

Illuminate those 3:00 AM BIG IDEAS & Bring them to LIFE

Passion, Purpose & Goals...Realized Through Effective Branding, Communication & Relationships

Defining & Implementing Your Brand Is Like a Journey of Business Self-Discovery & Style

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages. Consistent strategic branding leads to stronger brand equity, influence in your industry and increased revenue.

Your Brand is the View Into Your Soul & Expresses Your Passion

Exemplifies Your Life's Work

Your brand is one critical aspects of any business. Whether you are a professional looking to position yourself as an author, coach, trainer or speaker - your brand exemplifies your strength and defines your life's work.

If you are a business owner, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from you, how you are the best to solve their problems and how you are different from any other offers. Your brand is your secret sauce to becoming a industry leader.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'" ~Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple™

Let Us Help You. Define your brand strategy and equity. My team and I can help you create a voice for your company. We can teach you how to be true to your brand. Successful brand messaging will ensure that you are getting the attention of your ideal buyer - we can help you achieve that too! We can also help you implement a cutting edge brand strategy, including everything from your tagline, logo to your Facebook cover and website!

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Position Yourself In Front of Your Ideal Customer as their Best Problem Solver.

Andrea Callahan helps Industry Influencers brand their WHY


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by creating longer, deeper connections with your ideal buyers.

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Industry Influencers Lead by Example. Be Among the Exclusive Who Have Custom-Tailored Designs

Andrea Callahan branding Industry Influencers

Your Graphics Differentiate You In Market

Professional & Customized Graphics Both in Print & Digital Will Get Your Ideal Buyer to Notice You

Andrea Callahan design business cards for Industry Influencers
Andrea Callahan design QR Code Flyers & postcards for Industry Influencers
Andrea Callahan design QR Code Flyers & postcards for Industry Influencers
business presentations for Industry Influencers
Andrea Callahan design website for Industry Influencers
Author Graphics for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan
Facebook Covers for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan
Flyers for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan
Andrea Callahan design Facebook graphics for Industry Influencers
Presentations for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan
Presentations for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan
The time to get started relaunching your brand is now

It's your turn.

Andrea Callahan design header graphics for Industry Influencers
Andrea Callahan design header graphics for Industry Influencers
Book covers for Experts Industry INfluencers by Andrea Callahan

The time is now. Let's redesign your brand today!

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Your Brand is the Vehicle into Your Customer's Heart

Discover How Video Can Get Attention & Increase Conversions

Generate Brand Awareness With Your Very Own Customized Professional Video Commercial

Amazing Animations

Eye Catching Segment

Local Business

Logo Reveals

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A Voice to Your Content Lets Your Brand Personality Shine Through

Giving Your Brand a Voice

Voice-Over Actors Offers Your Messages & Content a Sound that Resonates with Your Customers

American Female

American Female - Soulful Saprano

British Female

Male - British

Your Vision...Your Brand...Your Image


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For Experts & Service Providers Who Choose to be the Obvious Choice...

Get out front, lead from within, & leave their mark on the world

It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear

You are your brand and your brand is you. Your brand is the vehicle that propels your service into your client's lives and into their hearts. A great brand is more than attractive graphics and some witty type - although that is essential too.

Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your products, as well as offer a promise of excellence that you can live up to. When you complete this course you will have a robust, compelling and appealing, brand uniquely positioned to attract the client's that are most likely to be excited about buying from you.

Who Is this Book For?
Anyone who wants to leverage their business strengths to increase opportunities and maximize options for success.

It's Your Brand Paperback by Andrea Callahan available on Amazon

  • Discover Your Essence
  • Design Your Image
  • Establish Your Trademark
  • Implement An Action Plan
  • Leave a Legacy of Business Excellence

Distinguish yourself from competitors and command center stage in the marketplace.

Designing a Uniquely Dynamic Brand that Exemplifies Your Passion & Purpose

It's Your Brand by Andrea Callahan available on Amazon.comClick here to get your copy today

"Andrea Has a Jewel With This Book!

"All I can say is what a gift you have! I want to thank you for opening your heart and wisdom through this book. You will not only inspire but help take people and their businesses to the top"

I, highly, recommend Author Andrea A. Callahan's book to everyone in business, especially in today's competitive marketplace."

LaDaria Richardson
Multi Beauty Pageant Winner & LED, Miss Black Charlotte/Queen City Pageant


"As someone in business for 30 years, I know the importance of branding. It is your promise to the world. I love Author Andrea Callahan's whimsical approach to getting the point across. In this book, she maps out how to make YOUR identity known and clearly defined. A Freelances "Bible."

I, highly, recommend Author Andrea A. Callahan's book to everyone in business, especially in today's competitive marketplace."

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen
Image Consultant Master & Business Owner

"I had this book for a while before actually reading it.  Once I began to read it, I got so excited, motivated, and relieved to finally learn the answers I needed.  I felt like everything I have been wanting to do and sort out in my mind was now brought to life by these easy and sensible directives.  This book will help me with being the best Me and Business Owner.  As a Consultant and Entrepreneur; I will be giving this book as a part of my services to my clients.  Callahan has really blessed us with a jewel for success.  Thanks a Million! -Venus Allen, CP Coalition"

Venus Allen
CP Coalition

Trouble Defining Your WHY?

I can help you discover the essence of your authentic brand. Your intention, vision and mission should be the foundation from which everything else is built. Know your WHY & exemplify it. Your passion & purpose-driven business is ready to go to the next level. Let's go! You can do it.

Andrea Callahan coaching Industry Influencers brand their WHY

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I can help get you there!

One-on-One Coaching

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Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? If you need a bit more support, I have some good news for you! I would love to discuss the option of being your coach. I offer a select few, personalized coaching. I provide insight, feedback and guidance from an outside vantage place.

Our ongoing collaborative creative partnership is built upon action and forward moving thinking and planning.

During this powerful alliance, you will laser focus on achieving exactly what you want from your business and designing a brand to match. I will help you develop an effective action plan that will dramatically move the needle to your success.

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Our team is also very excited to offer a range of books, Cd's, journals, courses & webinars to help move your business from mediocre to extraordinary success. If you are already doing well in business...Great! Now let's get walking among the Super-Successful!

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