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Andrea Callahan author speaker, seminar leader, trainer and small business owner

Andrea Callahan

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finding Joy by Revealing your dharma

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"Your dharma is not a career, or a project, or a certain role you play. It’s the unique vibration that your soul carries to everything that you do and every way that you are." ~Sahara Rose, Ayurveda expert

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What we'll cover

Discover your dharma archetype

We are activated by different roles/archetypes. Your archetype may be a teacher, artist, entrepreneur, visionary, or brand leader in business doing what you love. Step confidently into the role of your dreams by understanding your life's purpose.

Understand the mediums that intrinsically come natural to you

What is your optimum form of expression? Which is your most authentic form of communication? Perhaps it's writing, speaking, drawing, creating art like painting? Try writing in your journal to begin the process of uncovering your natural talent.

Realize your success moving through barriers and obstacles

The problems that you've solved and issues that you've bravely faced become your soul's unique areas of specialization. You are an expert of sorts, it is through these experiences that you evolve, become empowered and stand tall in your brilliance.

Pay attention to what brings you joy

The things that excite you are hints that leave bread crumbs, a path to your dharma. Start by observing the things that make you feel happy. What do you love talking or learning about? What would you do for free? Look for patterns of joy.

Find your sweet spot

Each of us have superpowers. They may not obvious or easily to recognize because our sweet-spot often comes easy to us. Perhaps you are good at holiday decor? Writing poetry? Or baking tasty treats? Your brilliance shines in your sweet-spot.

Andrea Callahan, speaker, seminar leader, trainer, author and small business owner

Your webinar host

Andrea Callahan

You are born with your purpose so you don't really have to discover or find it. You only have to remember it.

Do you remember what you loved to do as a child? As children, we did exactly what made us happy. We were free to explore and excited find new things to try. This state of being is short-lived because family, school and social constructs begin to create boundaries. They each send us messages about "appropriate behavior & thinking" based on gender, race, social status etc. As they send messages, we began the lifetime conversation of negative self-talk that persuaded us to close our minds with fear. NOTE: The more that you let go of everything you are not, the more you can remember who you are. It's already inside you. Look within.

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Life is good when you are free to live your dharma. Living by your calling, and your purpose will help you realize your potential. Let go of ego so you enjoy Brilliant Moments and shine in your magnificent splendor.

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