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Andrea Callahan author speaker, seminar leader, trainer and small business owner

Andrea Callahan

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Bringing Awareness to Emotional Health

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"Someone lacking self-awareness can easily get trapped in a cycle of reactions and over-reactions. Suppression emotions is equally as detrimental to mental health. Accepting, feeling and processing emotions is critical." ~Andrea A. Callahan

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What we'll cover

Understand the difference between mental and emotional health

Mental health is the hardware of your mind., while emotional health is the software. Mental health is about how you process and understand information while emotional health is more about the feelings provoked by the data processed.

Looking at mental health

The wellness of your mental health is measured by how clearly you think. As well as how you make decisions, interact with others and manage stress. Your mental health is impacted by your family history, your lived experiences, including abuse and trauma. Biological factors like brand chemistry and genes impact your mental health.

Emotional health assessment

Emotional health, however, is about your ability to process, and manage your feelings; including coping with stress for example. Highly emotionally intelligent people are aware of their feelings, they accept and express them in healthy ways.

Emotional intelligence and Emotional regulation

People with high emotional intelligence are not only aware of their emotions but also process emotions in an affirming way. Managing feelings is emotional regulation. Emotional health blends emotional intelligence with emotional regulation.

How to determine if you're symptoms need professional attention

Everyone feels anxious at times but depending on how severe you experience it and how much it negatively impacts your life determines if you are diagnosed with "anxiety." If you are like most, you may feel depressed after a setback or disappointing experience. However, "depression" is another disorder that can be diagnosed.

Andrea Callahan, speaker, seminar leader, trainer, author and small business owner

Your webinar host

Andrea Callahan

Picture yourself surfing the waves, envision mental health as the ocean, with emotional health serving as the waves.

Emotional and mental health are related but they are substantially different. They are not interchangeable. It is essential to your well-being that you understand they are connected but have different meaning. When life gets interrupted it is important to balance your thoughts and emotions. Your resilience depends on your ability to restore balance as well as your ability to persist through difficulties.

 In order for emotions to be expressed appropriately you must first be fueled by accurate information that has been processed correctly.  Also, if anxious or depressive thoughts limit your ability to think clearly, you are likely to have inappropriate emotional responses.  If you have difficulty assessing interactions and circumstances, you are more likely to have negative emotional responses. NOTE: Your well-being is dependent on your ability to master balance thinking vs. expressing. Your success, productivity, relationships, ability to adapt to change all depend on it.

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Like all self-care, it is important to pay attention to your mental health (the hardware) while tending to your emotional health (the software.) Together they refine your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Good emotional health doesn't protect your from challenging times but the Brilliant Moments private membership offers ways to handle them with clarity.

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