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Andrea Callahan author speaker, seminar leader, trainer and small business owner

Andrea Callahan

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the Spiritual Awakening Journey

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"One theory is that your personal local mind is connected to a universal mind. The local mind is over the body and the non-local mind is beyond personal consciousness. It is the infinite, nature, the universe. We are all subject to its laws. There are many names for universal mind and the scope attributed to it. Some call it God. Others call it Nature or the Universe, the Field, or Infinite Intelligence. Many believe that this is the realm of all knowledge and our connection to 'all that is'."

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What we'll cover

What is a spiritual awakening

Some call the spiritual awakening "nirvana," "enlightenment", or "bliss." By either name, a spiritual awakening begins the moment a person still stills with a new view of their life, as it really is. They see the world through a new set of lenses. You may begin to ask yourself, Who am I and why am I here?" Many people share they experience wonder and excitement as they suddenly feel vibrant and alive. The core of a spiritual awakening of a rising to the higher state of consciousness with an intrinsic element of what it means to be human.

Looking at causes of a spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, at any time, from something completely mundane to a life-changing event. For many on this journey came on board due to career loss, relocation, bad car accident or a life -threatening illness. Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous but most are due to major life changes or trauma: divorce, pandemics, quarter-life, mid-life, or mental health crises. Often, near-death experiences are the root cause for enlightenment.

Feeling unfulfilled, disconnected and detached

Loneliness and heartache causes apathy in many people. Moving through our busy lives only focused on going from task to task increases monotony. Many find they are exhausted from the responsibility and duty to care for families, teams, business, and the various communities they all belong to. That exhaustion sometimes cause us to feel drained and unmotivated. As women, for example, recover from a divorce may feel what they thought they believed about life is not true. They are often left to reexamine their priorities and what's most important. Feeling disconnected and detached prioritizing her self causes her to miss laughing, being at peace and in love.

Reevaluating belief system

As people have lived experiences or trauma begin to question what they believe. Death, illness and crisis cause many people to think about what they believe. A spiritual awakening will encourage you to revise you spiritual beliefs and/or embrace new ones. People want to connect with something higher than themselves. They also want to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways. This is a space where we see professionals leave careers to pursue their true passion. Priorities shift after a life-changing event so passion and purpose-driven activities become central focus.

Examining what spiritual awakening looks like

As you figure out your own spiritual path, you may find that you suddenly become open to the unique paths of others. As your spirituality takes center stage, you begin to attract those who are also seeking enlightenment. You may begin to realize life is not a competition or an argument to win. You may come to understand that peace, love, gratitude, acceptance and kindness are the space where you want to reside. Self-love becomes important on this journey, making room to care and love of others.

Andrea Callahan, speaker, seminar leader, trainer, author and small business owner

Your webinar host

Andrea Callahan

During spiritual awakenings you may find the yearning for attachment to a greater power is too strong to ignore. The desire to find meaning and fulfillment becomes priority.

After a Lupus diagnosis in 2015 I was lost, overwhelmed and confused about how my future will look. I became an avid seeker of guidance, support, and direction. At this time in my life I desperately needed something greater than my own imagination to help me sort out my life. There I was facing a life-changing illness that was single-handedly ending my career as I knew it.  I didn't know what to do or how to begin doing something else. I desperately searched for higher meaning. I needed to uncover the life lesson. I was empty, lost, and unfulfilled. I began to meditate to release anxiety. I sought holistic non-traditional medical care to manage chronic pain and depression. As I sought a new vision, I become more intuitive. I became self-aware and discovered things about myself that I needed to change. Beginning with letting go of ego and the drive to be "successful" in the common form. I had to redefine success so my career was put in perspective.  Relationships took it's place in the center.

I decided I could make my life have meaning under these new conditions by serving others. I realized that every living thing is inherently worthy and equal, including me. I was being called to serve and that gave me purpose. As my sense of serving others deepened, my senses were heightened and I had increased empathy, compassion, curiosity, and love for myself and others. I replaced limiting beliefs and replaced poor choices with affirming habits that serve me well.

NOTE: Your well-being is dependent on shedding light into darkness and replacing insecurity, doubt and disconnect with self-love, confidence and brave brilliance.

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