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Welcome to Industry Influencers Events..  If you are trying to figure out how to build a profitable business - doing what you love - while maintaining a healthy work=life balance, you are in the right place.

Upcoming Training

Create a dynamic brand, establish yourself as the authority in your niche by getting the training and support you need to thrive - both personally and professionally.

Events for Industry InfluencersLet ACI help position you as an Industry Influencer.

Systems & Processes

Although there is no cookie-cutter business model that guarantees success, there are processes that you can implement to increase your achievement. You are at the intersection of, "stifling your business," and "encouraging it to flourish."

Implementing processes and systems for high achievement

Let us share our blueprint of strategies that walks you through the process every small business owner needs to succeed in today's marketplace.

Personal Mastery

Who do the self-employed turn to when they need help? Who do they depend on when they need tasks completed. When the rubber meets the road...who has your back? If you you answer me, let us teach you to cultivate your strengths and be the best YOU possible!

Self-employed, everything is you. Industry Influencers build teams


Let ACI help position you as the leader, - the chief executive officer, who maximizes the strengths, skills, time, expertise, experience, creativity and energy of others. Take your rightful place at the head of the table as the visionary, goal setter and culture leader - the one you need to be in order to keep your business flourishing.

Meet Us at the South Park Towers!

Join us at our SouthPark Towers office, located on Fairview Road in Charlotte’s SouthPark area, one of North Carolina’s largest and most distinguished business districts. We are right above Ruth's Chris Steakhouse meet us there for our Meal & Mastermind Lunches!


Industry Inluencer Your power to affect purchase decisions because of your real or perceived authority, knowledge, position or relationships.



What if there were a blueprint of strategies that walks you through the process every small business owner must have in order to succeed in today's marketplace...Would you want to know it?

Entrepreneurs are geared for achievement when they have a roadmap to move their dream through the growth cycle of success. Get clear about where you want to take your business and the options available to get you there.

Find the magic place at the intersection of doing what you love and building a profitable business.

The Passion & Purpose-Driven Self-Employed

Build businesses that bring them joy, fulfillment and freedom. What if you could attract your ideal client; communicate with them in a way that encourages trust, loyalty and repeat buys? What if those buyers became a part of your tribe and brand ambassadors who screamed from the rooftop how you solve their problem and serve them with excellence!

What would that do for your business? How would that lend to your personal fulfillment?

The Journey to Business Success

Begins with a well thought out business plan, marketing plan and strategies for organizational development. Equally as important, is the necessity to craft and execute custom-tailored training and development for you and your staff. ACI offers training in your office or ours - in personal mastery, soft-skills, leadership and teambuilding.

What would it be like for you to manage your business at peak performance? How successful could your business be if you had dedicated people who believe in your mission, support your vision and are committed to achieving your business goals? Think about it...

Studies Have Proven...
Lack of Training & Business Support Are Among the Top 5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Let us help you...

Eliminate Your Barriers to Success getting the support & training you need to build a purpose-driven extraordinary business.

Industry Influencer Academy for Small Business Owners

Formerly Callahan Coaching & Consulting

Maximize Your Opportunities to Grow Your Business & Increase Your Sales

    • You have a range of courses covering a variety of key disciplines. These include management and leadership training including 125+ training for the polished professional.
    • Your training program is tailored to your requirements and may be held ‘in-house’ at your organization, at our corporate office or one of our designated five-star luxury venues. Courses are delivered by high-caliber trainers from different backgrounds – all possessing considerable management, leadership and training expertise.
    • You will experience maximum quality of learning, advice and dialogue, class sizes are limited . During all of our training we make sure you have the opportunity to network with other participants.

    Take Your Seat at the Big Table!

    ACI trainings are custom-tailored for market-leaders and profit masters who are ready to take their business to the next level. It is time to hone your skills, maximize your strengths and build the extraordinary enterprise you've always dreamed about.

    You are the visionary behind your brand, let's get you sharpened and ready to take the lead as an Industry Influencer.

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