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Your business success is at the forefront of your mind at all times. I know how it is. You have been blessed with skills, talent and special gifts; and would like to use them to grow your business. Further, you want your business to be successful and you would probably like to be a leader in the marketplace. The dilemma, you don’t have the expertise in the necessary areas to build the success you want. It’s may also be safe to say that you don’t have the time to master the skills or the desire to spend time trying to learn them either!

I wonder how may entrepreneurs are like me, spending so much time on “running” the business that the business ends up running you. Day after day, working to get by and stay afloat makes it difficult to innovate, grow and prosper. Essentially, you now become an employee in your business. So many clients come to me confused and fearful of losing their business. They are unproductive and unorganized. The share with me they feel isolated and overwhelmed just trying to survive. They simply can’t see their way to thriving.

yes I'm ready!

Maximize Your Personal Strengths to Move Routine Business to Extraordinary

My intention is to help service professionals to use their skills, talent and special gifts to create a business they love. A business that illustrates their passion and demonstrates their purpose.

How would you like to accelerate your personal mastery to execute your goals and achieve your dreams? What would it do for your business if you could reduce stress, breathe easier with the confidence of knowing you are not alone?

Think for a moment how fulfilling your life could be if you create an exciting business based on your life’s purpose? A business filled with the passion that keeps you both inspired and motivated?

What would your life be like with increased financial security and freedom? Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to live an abundant life.

May I ask you a question? Why did you give up the security of working for an established company to become an entrepreneur? What motivated you to make the decision to go it alone in the marketplace?

[pullquote align=”right”] Top 5 Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneurs [/pullquote]


  • Autonomy – the opportunity to choose career path, opportunity & do something different; avoid daily grind
  • Financial – directly reap the benefits of your hard work and enterprise
  • Independence – freedom, make your own decisions; establish your mission, goals and expectations
  • Self-fulfillment – using your own skills, talent and special gifts; give back; make the world better
  • Family – control time and schedule to spend more time with loved ones

Very few people list money as the primary reason for becoming an entrepreneur. More often than not, service professionals venture out on their own because they want to positively impact others; make a change in their field and leave a legacy.

yes I'm ready!You Are The Star Of Your Business

Your business is your pride and joy. This is your journey. You are the leader in this space. I would like to offer my skills, talent and special gifts to make your business grand. I would also like to share the expertise that I have developed in a 25+ years management and leadership career. There are so many lessons from my experience in organization management and operations that influenced my business success; I would like to make you privy to that learning too. I have extensively studied concepts in personal development, leadership and business – that education could prove priceless for your business.

As a consultant, I become a credible partner for your business. I am there to provide practical strategies that work to get your business where you want it to be. I resist a cookie-cutter approach to problem-solving. I apply my experience across the varied situations that are unique to your business. I develop innovative ideas that are specific for your company’s needs.

Your plan of action is designed specifically for your business goals. I will use what solutions have worked in the past and incorporate the with ideas about best practices to improve them.

Here’s your chance to get some much needed help. No longer do you have to stay caught in a constant struggle for success. Don’t allow your need to do it on your own prevent you from getting the help you need. Get back to the business you love.

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#1 coach for entrepreneurs in charlotte nc and ny

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