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Uncovering the business problems that are personal problems in disguise.

Callahan Coaching & Consulting is a firm started by Andrea Callahan to teach entrepreneurs how to move their dream business into a successful enterprise. Launched in May 2013 to help struggling service providers who are fearful and anxious about building a successful business. We teach entrepreneurs to focus on their personal mastery and leadership as a blueprint for exceptional business.

Discover your essence, design your brand, establish your trademark, implement an action plan & leave a legacy of business excellence.

Many people starting out in business do not know where to start, but they have the drive to do it. Entering the marketplace independently leaves many solo professionals confused, isolated and unclear the best way to achieve their goals.

Small businesses often fail because the owner is overwhelmed, overworked, unorganized and unprepared for success. Callahan and her team provide training as well as coaching based on her years of executive and leadership experience.

We helped freelancers build businesses, small business owners get out of the red, solo professionals improve satisfaction; and dreamers move their passion to extraordinary business. With action guides, books, training, coaching and private member strategy area – there are tools always available to you no matter what stage of business.

We eliminate your excuses, increase your options and maximize your potential to succeed.

Clients are guaranteed 90-95% improvement in leadership and organizational development. You will learn to maximize personal mastery to execute goals and achieve your dreams.

Entrepreneurs will reduce stress and breathe easier knowing they may be solo professionals but they are not alone.

Creating an exciting business with passion and purpose will help small business owners thrive.

Increased financial reward, security, freedom and personal fulfillment is optimum for long-term business.

Who is Andrea Callahan

#1 entrepreneur coach in charlotte ncCallahan is a business owner, trainer and coach. She offers unique content for passion driven entrepreneurs to get from where they are to where they choose to be. For the entrepreneur of distinction, who demands the very best in personal, professional and business development, Callahan offers training and coaching to elevate your business achievement.

She creates books, action guides, work-thru journals and home-study courses designed specifically for the cosmopolitan executive on the move. Callahan’s specialized areas of service include personal mastery and leadership for better business. She frequently hosts events for personal transformation and empowerment for entrepreneurs called to action by passion and purpose.

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Transformation Expert Extraordinaire

Callahan has a passion for personal transformation for outstanding business. She has a drive to teach dreamers how to achieve their maximum potential and greatest living through leadership and business. In her strategic and highly specialized training and coaching programs, Callahan guarantees to dramatically increase personal achievement and professional success through awareness, creativity, empowerment and skill building.

With 25 years management and leadership experience, Callahan teaches entrepreneurs to use their personal skills, talent and special gifts to create a business they love. As former social worker and executive director, Callahan has the expertise to help service professionals maximize personal strengths to move routine business to extraordinary.

Teaching dreamers to move their passion to extraordinary leadership & business.

Callahan coaches clients to uncover intentions and discover strengths. Increasing leadership skills and purposeful organizational development has proven to be game changers for her clients.

Callahan also believes building relationships while connecting service professionals to a tribe of experts and support systems will catapult their business success. For this reason, she leads exclusive mastermind groups to maximize the power of synergy.

We are dedicated to your business success.

Your business IS our business.

[messagebox type=”errorbox”] Everyone has a life’s purpose and I honor those who seek and pursue their calling. I intend to help entrepreneurs who have the courage, faith, determination and persistence to independently enter the marketplace to succeed. I want service professionals to live an optimum life of awareness, passion, purpose, joy & prosperity in business and in life. ~Callahan[/messagebox]

Callahan is the former CEO of Ten Faces of She, LLC founded in December 2005.

Unleashing Potential & Unlocking Possibilities

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