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Do you dream of living the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of you?

It's transformation time. It's time to change the way you feel. Influence the way you experience and show up in the world.

Be authentic. Be heard. Be seen. It's your time. You are worthy.

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What Makes Our Membership So Great

As well as getting access to a vault  resources, each month we focus on a targeted experience for your personal growth, and provide you with a selection of resources inside our private learning portal to support your evolution, including:

Bold Self-Love =

personal achievement

professional success

 joyful fulfilled life

Training videos

Online events: webinars, live training,  Q&A

Audio tools

Guest inteviews

Action guides: refection sheets, journals, workbooks, books, reflection exercises

Andrea Callahan author, trainer, business owner

Andrea Callahan

Brand Manager

I created this membership site for brand leaders who choose joy, love, peace, and to live their life's purpose.

As a Brilliant Moments Lifestyle member you will come to know that we are all in a position to live a meaningful, intentional, and reverent life. You will learn how to recognize and activate this potential within yourself.

Our goal is to live with intention. On purpose. In harmony.

Intentional living is a lifestyle which brings more awareness into your daily life with self-realization, and enlightenment.

Be well,





A family of humans that will love on you, support you, and challenge you to live your best life. We foster an environment of community that is vital for a healthy and productive life. Our tribe offers a sense of purpose, a reason to interact with other humans, for both synergy for the highest good of all concerned.

our goal is to create more


Amazing resources

I have been doing my  best to practice mindfulness. It is a challenge to keep my mind still. I love all the mindfulness exercises and meditations inside the members area. I have been using my Mindfulness Journey journal to track my progress. I feel

Jane B.

Come join us on the inside

I have been following  Andrea for years. She is kind, compassionate and smart as a whip. The resources she provides for free is an incredible value. Join today, you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to meeting you.

Derika S.

Zero issues

Brilliant Moments membership has all the tools I need to help me get in tuned with my personal journey to happiness. I am looking forward to continued growth.

Naomi N.

We love our new life

My fiance and I attended one of Andrea's retreats and it was amazing. We laughed, we cried, and we celebrated!

Ewan M.

The Journey is scary

For years I struggled with self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. As a recovering addict it has been my new life's purpose to inspire others to sobriety. This helps me.

Kim H.

My absolute passion is teaching women to authentically live in the moment, for extended joy.

~Andrea Callahan

Andrea Callahan author speaker, seminar leader, trainer and small business owner

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Transformation Time

Change the way you feel. Influence the way you experience and show up in the world. It's your time. You deserve it.

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