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ACI's Industry Influencer Academy offers a catalog of training to teach entrepreneurs to become exceptionally effective owners of profitable businesses. Our primary intention is to to provide business professionals with the strategies, tools and skills to maximize strengths, improve performance and increase skill-set.

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  • Private Membership

    For our distinguished clients, access to a 24-hour online private membership with video, MP3 recordings, action guides & PowerPoint presentations.

  • Personal Training

    Enroll in a course for your personal development. Increase your skills & maximize your strengths through training to meet your individual need.

  • Team Training

    Schedule a training to get your team on the track to success in our training room or yours. Specialized training packages designed specifically for your company goals.

Join the Ranks of Your Industry Leaders by Training, Developing & Preparing Your Business For Success.

Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery Training , The Empowered Employee is the Productive Employee

The Industry Influencer Academy offers specialized training for entrepreneurs in leadership. The goals of these programs are to enable you to:

Do Something Extraordinary...Take Total Control of Your Success...Seize The Moment!

  • Uncover your personal leadership style
  • Discover your unique strengths, that will guide you during times of extreme stress and frustration
  • Understand your attitude to change and how to harness your personal change
  • Deepen your insight into the gender-based differences in approaching negotiations
  • Obtain a foundation to enable you to prepare, approach and undertake challenging negotiations
  • Build the confidence and courage to engage in negotiations
  • Experience and practice ‘integrative bargaining’ negotiation techniques, which are in tune with feminine values of authenticity and collaboration
  • Strengthen your capacity to build strong relationships within different working cultures, reducing conflict from cross-cultural miscommunications
  • Enhance your leadership skills to stimulate teamwork, collaboration and begin effective best practices for long-term team success
  • Develop a communications plan a framework to make sure right information is shared using all available tools effectively

A highly skilled professional may be in demand…but a highly skilled professional that is a confident action-taker is in high demand.

Our personal mastery training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business.  Andrea and her team provide a wide range of training to address employee's needs from a strengths perspective. Ongoing personal development training must be a hard-wired part of business training in today’s world.


S2402 Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School $497 2 Day
S2405 Communication Strategies: Listen & Be Heard $497 2 Day
S2421 Personal Development Boot-camp: Getting Stuff Done $497 2 Day
S2426 Personal Brand: Maximizing Your Unique Impact $497 2 Day
S2105 Anger Management: Understanding Anger – Yours & Others $297 1 Day
S2414 Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public $297 1 Day
S2202 Controlling Anger Before It Controls You $297 1 Day
S2203 Project Management for Everyday Goals $297 1 Day
S2404 Building Self-Esteem & Assertiveness Skills $297 1 Day
S2205 Core Negotiating Skills $297 1 Day
S2425 Goal Setting to Get What You Want in Life $297 1 Day
S2427 Influence & Persuasion: Learn How to Get What You Want $297 1 Day
S2422 NLP: An Intro to Neuro Linguistic Programming $297 1 Day
S2423 NLP Tools for Real Life $297 1 Day
S2207 Stress Relief & Stress Reduction P$297 1 Day
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We have learned the value of providing training for employees to help them be the best they can be. The return of investment is enormous when we have less call-outs, fewer interpersonal conflicts and increased time on a job.

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Be Our Guest...Join us for a complimentary 1-Day training of your choice. Click the link above and get on the list. Let's go!

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