Establishing Your Intention For Extraordinary Business Success

The ability—or inability—for your company to serve its clients in a way that is consistent with is excellence is the key to extraordinary business. If you consistently meet and even exceed their expectations it will prove to be the ultimate game changer in your journey to long-term success.

Customer service best practices are what separate high achievers leaving a legacy of success.

At this very moment you are competing with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of other companies, all fighting to get your customer’s attention. Guess what? You don’t have to compete nor do you have to fight to get the attention of your clients. Once you identify your ideal client, you must locate them and build a connection based on authenticity and integrity. Once the relationship is built, your job is to maintain it and deepen it where appropriate.

Do you ever wonder why it can be so hard to maintain a relationship with your clients? You try everything out there, and nothing seems to really work to get them to come back, engage and buy more. What can you do to gain customer loyalty? How can you get your clients to tell everyone they know, how great your services are and how they changed their lives?

The answer is fairly simple…

 Entrepreneurs that Personifies Excellence

In this workshop, I walk you through why it is so important to set the intention to provide customer service excellence, at every level of your business.. By the end of this 5-part course, you will craft your own Customer Service Excellence Manifesto outlining the guidelines and principles for serving your customers with the highest standard of service.

Your manifesto is written to explain what you and your company are all about – and why you believe your customers are essential to your business success. You will also outline your intentions and plans for the key components of customer care.

Here is my Manifesto of Excellence, modified from the original one I created for Ten Faces of She, it was easy because the same standard certainly applies for us at Andrea

Service Profesionals that Personify Excellence

Your manifesto in essence, will outline your purpose and the company’s direction for providing services.

Here is a glimpse of what I will cover in this workshop:

  1. How Customer Service Can Accelerate Your Business – You will identify why customer service is critical to your business success.
  2. What Does Good Customer Service Really Mean for Your Brand? – You will list key components of excellent customer service.
  3. The 5 Components of Stellar Customer Service – Identify what tools and strategies you need to have in place to provide the best possible customer care.
  4. How to Handle Customer Service Challenges & Turn them Into Rewards – Ready to put in place best practices for handling a challenging customer dissatisfaction situation and resolve a hypothetical one for your business.
  5. Designing Your Own Customer Service Manifesto – Create your own customer service manifesto, including your USP, values, principles and guidelines for behavior.

If you are in business or thinking about starting a business and concerned about the standard of care for your clients, this workshop is for you, so sign up today. Your values, mission and company purpose should be an integral part of your Customer Service Excellence Manifesto, I will guide you through the process of creating your own.

If you’re ready to turn your business around, stop wasting your time and start building relationships that will live a lifetime, make the decision to do something about it, right now.


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