Content Marketing Is the Art of Communicating with Your Audience Without Selling

It Shares Your Brand Story In Way that Resonates with them to Gain their Business & Loyalty

Crafting the entrepreneur's journey of passion & purpose-driven business

Emotional Connections Get Your Clients More Receptive, More Invested & More Loyal

Discover How Your Compelling Brand Stories Intrigue, Engage & Connect Emotionally with your Your Customers & Clients

Your Content Strategy's Purpose Is To Attract & Retain Your Ideal Clients

Maximizing the 2 Essential Ingredients In a Dynamic Content Strategy Plan
Your Goals +

Your content should not be random; it must be laser-focused on at least one of your marketing or business goals. Consider the purpose for everything your business puts out...does it lend to the forward movement of your dream or support your success goals? Ask yourself, before you post or write any copy - what is your intention?

Are  you trying to...

  • Raise brand awareness?
  • Position yourself as a Industry Influencer?
  • Attract your ideal client?
  • Build a responsive email list?
  • Nurture interested ideal buyers along their buying journey?
  • Convert your prospects to sign contracts?
  • Retain clients & build a repeat buying relationship?
  • Get current client to upgrade by up-selling or cross-selling?
  • To build a tribe of followers?
  • Convert customers to evangelists to speak of you & your company with great enthusiasm to others who may be in need of your services.

Always take a moment to ask yourself, How will this project support my vision? Does this project lend to my short-term goals? Does it support my long-term business goals?"

If you find your content will not support those goals -  you should not make it a priority.

Cathy Is Desperately Trying to Get Her Message Heard

As a small business owner, Cathy is knowledgeable, skilled & has expertise to share with her audience. She struggles to increase her prospect's emotional involvement in her brand.

Her marketing initiatives are failing. Cathy just doesn't understand how to get potential clients to engage with content on social media...much less get them emotionally connected during their offline brand experience.

Cathy Is Overwhelmed

She feels hopeless.

She doesn't know what to do.

Cathy is not alone and NEITHER ARE YOU.

Below are the strategies Callahan Coaching & Consulting use to help small business owners just like you (and Cathy) to create content marketing program to captivate their audiences.

Your 8-Step Content Marketing Program

Your Mission +

Your mission statement outlines your company's reason for existing - it regulates both your perspective & priority.

Your mission should always speak to 3 components of any effective & productive marketing strategy:

  1. Your target market: Your ideal client found among your core audience who is most likely to resonate with your message
  2. Consistent message: They type of information shared through your content that reinforces your story and reiterates your brand
  3. Intended outcome: The emotional connection that evokes your audience to take action once they have experienced your content.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, your message can not be for "everyone." You may have different "personalities" that you serve within your target market...and that's fine. However, your content must be tailor-made to speak to them specifically.

If you try to talk to everyone, no one is going to listen. Think about this...if you don't make it plainly clear who you are talking will your ideal client you are talking to her? And equally as important, how will the client you can't serve well know that you are not talking to him?

The 5 Secrets of Brand Storytelling

Callahan Coaching & Consulting implores each to intrigue, engage & connect emotionally with consumers. 

These secrets will help you craft compelling brand stories for your own content marketing as well as your all of your integrated marketing efforts.

Speak Truthfully +

Your "stories" must be rooted in the reality of your brand, your services and your industry. They must be aligned with the 3 Essentials Steps of Brand Building:

  1. Consistency
  2. Persistence
  3. Restraint

It causes both confusion and worse mistrust if your brand stories are inconsistent. Don't allow your creativity to stray too far from your brand promise. Stay focused on your core values because confusion is the #1 brand killer.

Ingrain Personalities Into Your Stories +

Let's be clear, brand stories are not your marketing materials. They are not Ads or sales pitches. They are not public relation tactics. Your brand stories must be told with your brand persona and with your company's personality at center stage.

If the culture of your business is illuminating with personality, it will not only attract readers but convert them to excited buyers.

Create Characters that Evoke Emotion +

Now "characters" don't necessarily mean a fictional identity. Nor do they have to brand mascots like Cathy Callahan-Coaching to the left. You certainly can tell your stories through various perspectives.

You can create a buyer persona and tell stories from their point of view. Very successful brand story share through the eyes of employees or even a third-person perspective.

The critical objective is to create characters to enable your viewers to become emotionally connected to them. You want them to have a vested interest in their message to get them continually following their journey.

Consistently Structure Your Story +

Your brand stories will follow a similar structure of a fiction story. In the beginning you implement a strong open and establish your story setting and introduce the characters.

You set up your main character's problem. Share the present conflicts that get in the way of achieving their goals. Illustrate the journey to finding resolution.

In your characters story arc, you will take your reader along on the journey. If the journey resonates with them and they enjoy the ride...they will become loyal. They will subsequently share the story and return for updates and to catch up with your character's experiences.

Don't Give Up the Ending +

Your brand stories should be page turners. By focusing on your perpetual marketing, where one piece feeds off the next, your potential buyers will become more engaged. If you leave cliff-hangers your prospects will want more, they will continue to return to stay in the know.

Offline, email and mobile marketing are great extension in your brand storytelling initiative.

The ultimate goal is surround your ideal buyers with positive brand experiences - including stories - to encourage them to self-reflect  in the many ways to interact with you and your company.

Your task is to create various touch-points of excellence. When you create multiple ways for your ideal buyer to experience your brand in an affirmative way, you will soon find brand marketing goal achievement.

This is what you get with Callahan Coaching & Consulting
  • Getting Started

    Content marketing 101 – Understanding how your content strategy can impact your business bottom line. Clarity about your Why is key.

  • The Plan

    Building the fundamentals of a tailored-made strategy with your mission & business goals in mind. Laser focus attention to each critical step.

  • Audience

    Research your industry, target market & those prospects who are more likely to connect & subsequently buy from you, repeatedly.

  • Story

    Telling your brand story by sharing your passion & purpose-driven dream business with emotion in a way that resonates with audiences.

  • Channels

    Determine the best distributions channels to get your message out. Understand how to reach your ideal client where they spend the most time.

  • Process

    Managing your team & tools to be most effective in getting your message out, consistently and with passion and excitement to build your tribe.

  • Conversation

    Generating the consistent exchange of information with your buyers, stakeholders, employees & prospects; by creating the content and listening.

  • Measurement

    Prove the effectiveness of your strategies with pre-established degrees of measurement. Celebrate or recalculate if you are not on track to success.

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August 12, 2022

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