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The Marketing Shift to Engage With Customers

Strategies to interact with your ideal buyer, where she spends the most time.


Andrea Callahan International aims to help owners make a fundamental shift in how their business connects with their customers. We encourage you to invite your customers to interact and share in the experience you create for them as a business, and a brand.

Engagement Marketing = Brand Awareness, Loyalty & Equity

Creating a great experience for your customers ensures they really enjoy working with you.

Engagement Marketing puts you directly in conversation with your customers

Every Conversation Strengthens the Relationship, Keeps you Top-of-Mind & Increases Word-of-Mouth

Discover How Engagement Marketing Helps You Engage, Connect & Deepen Emotional Ties with Your Customers

Your Engagement Strategy's Purpose Is To Attract & Retain Your Ideal Clients

Do You Know Your Engagement Marketing is Built on Maximizing the 2 Essential Ingredients In a Dynamic Content Strategy Plan?

Your Goals +

Your content should not be random; it must be laser-focused on at least one of your marketing or business goals. Consider the purpose for everything your business puts out...does it lend to the forward movement of your dream or support your success goals? Ask yourself, before you post or write any copy - what is your intention?

Are  you trying to...

  • Raise brand awareness?
  • Position yourself as a Industry Influencer?
  • Attract your ideal client?
  • Build a responsive email list?
  • Nurture interested ideal buyers along their buying journey?
  • Convert your prospects to sign contracts?
  • Retain clients & build a repeat buying relationship?
  • Get current client to upgrade by up-selling or cross-selling?
  • To build a tribe of followers?
  • Convert customers to evangelists to speak of you & your company with great enthusiasm to others who may be in need of your services.

Always take a moment to ask yourself, How will this project support my vision? Does this project lend to my short-term goals? Does it support my long-term business goals?"

If you find your content will not support those goals -  you should not make it a priority.

Cathy Is Desperately Trying to Get Her Message Heard

As a small business owner, Cathy is knowledgeable, skilled & has expertise to share with her audience. She struggles to increase her prospect's emotional involvement in her brand.

Her marketing initiatives are failing. Cathy just doesn't understand how to get potential clients to engage with content on social media...much less get them emotionally connected during their offline brand experience.

Cathy Is Overwhelmed

She feels hopeless.

She doesn't know what to do.

Cathy is not alone and NEITHER ARE YOU.

The complimentary formal audit, we are offering today, of your marketing activity will help us to help small business owners just like you (and Cathy) to create content marketing program to captivate their audiences - and restore both confidence and enthusiasm.

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Your Mission +

Your mission statement outlines your company's reason for existing - it regulates both your perspective & priority.

Your mission should always speak to 3 components of any effective & productive marketing strategy:

  1. Your target market: Your ideal client found among your core audience who is most likely to resonate with your message
  2. Consistent message: They type of information shared through your content that reinforces your story and reiterates your brand
  3. Intended outcome: The emotional connection that evokes your audience to take action once they have experienced your content.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, your message can not be for "everyone." You may have different "personalities" that you serve within your target market...and that's fine. However, your content must be tailor-made to speak to them specifically.

If you try to talk to everyone, no one is going to listen. Think about this...if you don't make it plainly clear who you are talking will your ideal client you are talking to her? And equally as important, how will the client you can't serve well know that you are not talking to him?

The Marketing Mix Audit

ACI implores each to intrigue, engage & connect emotionally with consumers. 

Whether you have a new business or expanding your marketing-mix, our initial Auditing Service best practices include a comprehensive analysis:

Goals +

Getting an understanding where you business is, where you want to be, and what marketing you've done to date to try to get there is our #1 priority.

Results +

We'll dive into your existing marketing productivity and deliverability, including open and click-through rates to get a sense of reader engagement. Compare the results to industry benchmarks and your best-in-class customers.

Copy +

Review past campaigns to ensure the copy is engaging and leverages email marketing best practices that are known to drive response. We also look to see if the content delivered matches the subscriber's expectations and is consistent with your marketing strategies and goals. We will ensure your campaigns are free of words that trigger junk mail filters, this is critical to getting a higher open rate.

Offers +

We look to discover the motivation behind your previous offers. Are you giving your customers compelling reasons to act, engage and respond to communications.

Cadence +

Are you sending too frequently? Or too frequently? More that once a week is usually too frequently, while less than once a month isn't enough to build momentum and create the kind of connection that drives engagement.

Lists +

The size of your list isn't as important as you may think. We look to see if it includes a high percentage of actual customers and genuine leads. Are they in your target market? Are they engaged? What percentage of subscribers have responded to your communication in the past year? The past month? Answers to these questions lay the groundwork for list management services, including list cleansing, building and enrichment through segmentation and targeting.

Visual Identity +

We look to see if your campaign looks professional? Is it consistent with the tone, style and color palette of your brand? Does it match your client's website to create a visual tie to the email campaigns customers are seeing?

This is what you get with Andrea Callahan International

Grow Your Business with Email Campaigns

Generate brand awareness, build quality relationships & increase revenue.

Grow Your Business with Engagement Marketing

Forge strong customer connections to increase brand awareness, brand equity & customer loyalty.

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Andrea Callahan International engagement marketing programs

Getting to know your customers & developing a relationship with them, helps your business serve them well.

Available Add-On Services

Adding a holistic marketing-mix will build trust, reliability and forge deeper, long-term relationships with your customers.

Adding a holistic marketing-mix will build trust, reliability and forge deeper, long-term relationships with your customers.

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY AUDIT while there is still space.

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More About Our Managed Services?

We take the burden completely off you, leaving you to focus on your business.

Your audience has their marketing shields up. How do you cut through the noise and engage potential buyers? How do you capture and maintain their attention?

The answer is through engagement marketing, which listens to the customer across multiple channels and responds appropriately.

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