Effectively Promoting & Selling Products & Services Is Key to SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

Purposeful Marketing Ensures ALL of Your Activities Are Designed to Attract & Convert More Buyers

Andrea Callahan Interntional 10 Step Marketing Plan

GOAL:  Identify Your Target Market; Connect With Them: Convert to Buyer; & Retain Loyalty

You Have Scraped Every Penny You Have To Get Your Business Up & Running...Have You Included Your Marketing Costs In Your Budget?

A Well Crafted Marketing Plan Will Laser Focus Your Promotions For The Greatest Results

  • Intention

    What is your expectations & end-game? Know your goals & purpose for implementing strategies.

  • Executive Summary

    The GPS of your marketing strategies and goals to keep all involved focused on the prize.

  • Target Buyers

    Get a higher return on your investment by speaking to a clearly defined target market.

  • Unique Selling Proposition

    Distinguish your business from the noise. Identify as a marketplace leader.

  • Pricing & Position Strategy

    Align the investment in your product or service with the quality your provide.

  • Distribution Plan

    How Will Your Customers Receive Your Products or Services? Know Your Means.

  • Unique Offers

    Deals to attract more buyers, deals to convert more buyers & quality to retain more buyers.

  • Marketing Materials

    The collateral you use to promote your business must elogquently illustrate your business.

  • Promotion Strategy

    The most critical element exemplifies how you will reach your prospective clients.

  • Online Strategy

    Maximizing your keyword, SEO, paid Ads & social media strategies to optimize your ROI.

  • Conversion Strategy

    Utilizing effective techniques to turn prospective customers into buying customers.

  • Joint Venture & Partnerships

    Relationships/agreements to expand client reach & better monetize existing buyers.

  • Referral Strategy

    Revolutionize your business with a strong process in place to reward loyal cheerleaders.

  • Increase Units/Sale

    Create packages & bundles to increase transaction price on average sale per customer.

  • Retention Strategy

    Increase revenue by staying relevant for repeat buyers to invest with you frequently & over time.

  • Financial Projections

    Estimate the cost to implement each strategy and intended goals. Monitor results & adjust accordingly.

Andrea Callahan helps Industry Influencers find their WHY through Charlotte small business training

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August 12, 2022

As a Business Professional...

It would be irresponsible for me to cite an exact fee for your project. You are unique and your business is equally very special. For this reason, I offer you today a starting fee that typical business owners may expect to invest in their branding & marketing communications plan. This will give you some idea about the level of commitment necessary to move forward. Please find my guarantee of satisfaction is real. If you are not completely satified, I will refund your investment...Guranteed. I am confident you will find my firm serves you with excellence. You can rest assured you are working with a team of professionals dedicated to your success. Your business success is my business success. Literally.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose & better business,

Andrea Callahan branding & marketing communications expert

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How Much Does It Cost?

Callahan Coaching & Consulting fees are based on our overall contribution to the value you derive from the project, providing a dramatic ROI for you and equitable compensation for us.

CCC engagement will be highly customized to your needs. Most of our clients pay a monthly retainer based on an agreed to scope of work that is defined from our complimentary discovery session.

The Work We Do For You Is Custom-Tailored for Your Business Growth & Development.

How Do You Measure Your ROI? What's the Real Benefit of Choosing to Work With Us?

  • A process that yields results
  • 3rd party unbiased, experienced perspective
  • Industry knowledge & insight
  • A plan for measurable, substainable growth
  • A leader who can bring talented players to your table
  • Brand loyalty & repeat buyers
  • Practical problem-solving
  • Ongoing & unlimited support
  • Business professionals with high standards & integrity
  • Tangible measurement from where you were to where you are now
  • Increased brand awareness & revenue
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