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You are busy pursuing your dream, following your passion while trying to build a business doing what you love…

Let us help you protect it!

Today, most people have do most of their communicating on social media. To friends, family, colleagues and strangers, buyers are continuously having discussions about brands and sharing their shopping experiences. Whether they are dining in a restaurant, trying a new hair stylist or visited a new dentist…people are hitting up social media to tell their stories!

The reputation that you took years to build could be damaged in an instance. If a crisis situation isn’t handled properly – immediately – a brand’s image can be destroyed in a matter of a few hours. AND it could take months and possibly years to recover.

Making sure you know what people are saying about your business, and then handling any negative comments professionally without issue is an art form that our social media managers perfect to save your company image. Our intention is to effectively keep the you and your company from losing sales and profit when a customer or client is upset.

managing negative reviews[highlight bg=”black”color=”white”]REACTIVE[/highlight]

The reputation manager will keep issues from gaining momentum and turning into PR nightmares. You don’t want one disgruntle client to harm your business reputation or your bottom line. Stay in the know and keep your ears to the ground with one of our social media managers who will work diligently to protect your brand.

Dealing with Negativity

The ideal situation occurs when you are able to tell potential clients, “Google™ Me” with confidence. They will find kind, supportive and glowing recommendations by raving fans. They will find affirming articles and wonderful feedback on Yelp™, Amazon™ and the like. Unfortunately, this not always the case. Everyone doesn’t have a positive, patient spirit.

Occasionally, depending on the nature of your business – it could be frequently, you will find disgruntle customers, former employees and competitors. Restaurants for example, because of the number of people they serve daily increases the probability of negative feedback. Unfortunately, for example, freelancers will have fewer comments so one negative one will stand out like a soar thumb and potentially cause major damage.

Other negative issues we fight against:


  • Leaked personal information
  • Negative comments on message boards, forums, blogs
  • Embarrassing viral videos
  • Disaster strikes
  • and more

At Callahan Coaching & Consulting, two major parts of our strategy is to 1) monitor aggregators. Aggregators monitor and measure social media. They collect social network activity information with an API (application programming interface). Social network aggregators allow your social media platforms to be organized in order to simplify the monitoring process.

We also 2) use analytics, to show you who is visiting your site and what they do when they are there. In the background, analytic applications invisibly track the way visitors respond to the content on your site.

Although there is a common approach to online reputation management, and it generally can be scaled down to any size brand. The key difference, with Callahan Coaching & Consulting is our elite approach to guarding your online reputation is collaborating it with aggressive online brand marketing.

positive social media

[highlight bg=”black”color=”white”]PROACTIVE[/highlight]

We do more than just manage your social media platforms, we proactively keep your social media positive and energized. We engage your visitors and ensure they are clear about your brand, your business culture and the services you offer.

We make sure your networks exemplify the message your choose.

Infusing Positivity

We start by:


  • Claiming your brand on these networks
  • Post engaging content
  • Invoke dialogue
  • Respond warmly to conversations
  • Request feedback

Your reputation is the foundation of your business success. The higher your ratings, the more popular you are…the more people will trust your brand and become loyal buyers.

social media managementSocial Media Reputation Marketing

We Do Social Media For Your Passion.

[dropcap]L[/dropcap] et us help you maximize your web presence while you build your dreams

This plan is for created for you if you have existing social media accounts already established and you have your own content. If you have the vision for your outcomes and just need a team to implement your strategy and monitor your reputation, this plan is designed for you.

[dropcap]W [/dropcap]e act as your image protector and reputation defender!

You delegate…We execute!

  • Social Media Reputation Audit
  • Monitor Negative Reviews
  • Review Negative Comments
  • Post Limited Content
  • Limited Engagement
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting

As an entrepreneur, you put everything on the line to pursue your passion. Your dream of owning a successful business relies on your making smart decisions. This is your opportunity to invest in your enterprise. Your legacy is worth it.

To your social media success

ONYX Package: Your networks, our monitoring

This includes: brand reputation audit, your daily content, engagement, monitoring & reputation management. Deleting negative comments where possible and inputting positive reviews.

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You are busy. Your time is valuable. You are on the move building the business of your dreams and don’t have time for the details of social media marketing.

An Exclusive Opportunity

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we offer a full service concierge .

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