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YOU MISSED THE LIVE EVENT... That Is Why We Turned It Into a Coaching Program!

We decided to turn this Spotlight Marketing from the Stage into DIY Coaching Program Just For You.

Passion-Driven Entrepreneur

You Are Both Talented  & Knowledgeable...

Think about it: if you COULD change someone's life with your knowledge, would you take the opportunity? What if someone else was looking for you to help them get to your level of expertise? Would you help them? What would it be like for you if you have a whole room of people who needed your expertise...and were willing to pay you for it?

Let's Talk About It Further...

Honestly, if you are in any business that requires skills & expertise and you're not conducting your own seminar and workshops yet, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.


Maybe you've heard that before and you decide that running a seminar is too much work.

Maybe you don't see yourself as someone who can move crowds because you're not an 'extrovert'.

I used to hold onto those limiting beliefs myself, and later a few revelations dawned on me as I saw more and more 'unusual' speakers coming out in different fields.

MYTH BUSTED #1: You DON'T have to be an extrovert.

The stage is not a club exclusive to people who 'hang out' and 'get along with other people'. And you don't have to be a 'people person' to be successful in business. It may be an advantage but it is definitely no prerequisite!

MYTH BUSTED #2: Being in the seminar business is NOT entirely risky.

Especially if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, most people are intimidated by the struggles that new speakers go through and falsely believe so. And the thing about being in the seminar business is that, it's not all about just delivering content.

Right off the bat I can think of many generous speakers who are not paid much (if any at all) to speak at events. While these guys are making a couple hundreds of dollars to speak - or a consolation gift at the end of their presentation - there are speaking powerhouses out there pounding in hundreds of thousands of dollars from every event they go to.

Which One Do You Want To Be?

If you want to go BIG in the seminar business and take your info business enterprise to the next level, there's no better time than now.

Andrea Callahan's Spotlight Marketing

Who Is This Program Designed For:

  • Passionate Bloggers
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Teachers
  • Authors & Seminar Leaders
  • Anyone Who Wants to Create Serious Income Sharing What They Love
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What You Will Learn In This Program

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Module 1: Goal Setting +
  • The 3 M's that define your killer presentation M___, M___ and M___.
  • Beginner's guide to designing a professional content-rich presentation in 30 minutes.
  • How to design a presentation that leaves a deep impact on your audience. It's not about the words you say but HOW you deliver them - and I will teach you how to do just that!
Module 2: Style & Charisma +
  • Simple but powerful confidence building techniques for the timid & introverted.
  • Developing the mindset to conquer stage-fright and eliminate deep-rooted fear of speaking
  • Techniques to time the start and end of  your stage presence with confidence
  • Super simple method to overcome brain-freeze. No more embarrassing moments of losing your train of thought in mid-sentence.
  • Step-by-step training to become an effective, charming speaker in just a few days!
Module 3: Compelling Speaking +
  • C_T_A_: This is the difference between a goal-driven presentation & normal speech
  • How to connect emotionally and WOW your audience
  • 3 Keys to delivering high impact messages to your participants
  • Maintain control by appropriately handling difficult & confrontational people
  • The confident, collected & calm approach
Module 4: Marketing from the Stage +
  • How to market your HIGH-END, BACK-END program from the stage and increase your revenue in your business
  • Little known special pre-empt techniques to increase your conversion in the hall
  • Step-by-step formula to sell your back-end offer
  • Credibility boosting ways to increase your offer's perceived value
  • And so much much to list here!
Module 5: Sold Out +
  • 3 Proven strategies to fill the room with targeted participants excited to see you
  • Low cost high converting traffic methods that target your ideal buyer to attend your event
  • The How-To & where to tap into existing pools of prospects from other seminar leaders to market to
  • Mastering the No Money Down Approach - how to get others to promote your seminar for you
  • Getting to the Standing-Room-Only mindset

Sign up for this powerful training and follow my training videos. Sure, you won't have the benefit of a one-on-one training. You will also miss grand errors in a 5-star experience in a hotel meeting room. If you have an appetite for low risks...this is the course for you.

REGISTER TODAY and Get 2 Bonus Modules

Bonus Module 6: Easy Ways to Eliminate Stage Fright +

Some may have the advantage of natural stage talent or previous experience but if you are not one of them it's OK. I will teach you 6 easy ways to CONFRONT your fears about public speaking. I will help prepare your mindset for your BREAKTHROUGH experience.

Bonus Module 7: Marketing with Webinars +

This video is worth the cost of the entire training. How would you like to earn even more revenue with the same materials and the same presentation as your seminar? I will show you how to take your seminar business ONLINE. Not only will you increase your audience worldwide but you can do it from home if you choose.

That's all there is to it.

Register today and get access to my training now to begin your journey to becoming a superstar bestselling speaker, starting today. You will be an Industry Leader in no time!

The Price to Become a Seminar Leader

  • On The Job Training

    Many experts from all industries either pay top dollar to train FIRST or dive straight into the seminar business and prepare for the challenges. Most do the latter & struggle.

  • How Much Is Your Perfecting Your Craft Worth?

    Think about it…if you pay say $10,000 in your training to become a best selling speaker and your own back-end programs sell at $5,000 each – how many sales do you need to break even?

    That’s right, just 2 sales and the rest is profit.

  • Got Budget Restraints...

    If you don’t have the capital to invest in training and professional development, you are forced to learn the hard way. You must endure embarrassing mistakes. Probably lose money trying to figure it out.

  • Spotlight Marketing from the Stage

    Reveals how you too can get into the seminar business, become an dynamic speaker, market your own high-end programs from the stage and above all – impact the lives of your audience in a positive and meaningful way.

  • There Is No Hefty Price

    You don’t have to make the enormous financial commitment others have paid. You can get the same lessons without the ten of thousands of dollars investment in training or in mistakes.

This Is the Opportunity You've Been Waiting For
Let This Be The Year You Finally Take the Stage

Now, You Too Can Get a Privilege Glimpse Into the Profitable World of Public Speaking

For the small investment of $297, you can get started today. Go ahead & register. You deserve it. AND YOU'RE WORTH IT.


Gives you access to the entire coaching program that you can conveniently move through anytime of day or night.

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Limited-Time Upgrade Available

Add a Power Conference with Callahan to craft a personalized plan of action to create your very own seminar.

Upgrade your course today and you will get one-on-one coaching to strategize your high-ticket back-end offer!

One-on-one coaching with Callahan

Benefits of Private Coaching

Speed & Efficiency

One-on-one coaching is the quickest and most practical way to increase your self-awareness, learn new skills, accomplish specific objectives and overcome any issues that have blocked any previous attempts to achieve your desired goals.

Added Perspective

As an objective observer, I can help you assess your strengths & partner them with the goal of creating a dynamic stage presentation. You can leap-frog into a new, empowering way of viewing yourself & implementing that new vision in front of a live audience.

100% Focused Attention on Your Goals

Every time we come together my expertise, creativity & insight is focused attention on you, which allows for us to create a plan of action that will deliver a dynamic presentation.

Accelerated Motivation

The coaching process is designed to provide a structured process that clarifies sought-after results, manages the game plan, ensures the timely achievement of tasks and goals and expands your self-perception, skills, confidence and capabilities along the way all with your success in mind.

Challenge & Support

The judgement-free, energetic, practical encouragement and support from me may be enough to inspire and motivate you to attain your desired goals. This is most helpful when problems and obstacles appear, as they usually do when you move out of your comfort zone -within the context of a positive and trusting environment. I will challenge you to reach for a greater outcomes. You will “raises the bar” of quality, comfort and mastery in your public speaking.

One-on-one coaching time with me is limited. In order to give the most effective, undivided attention I am only able to strategize with a handful of entrepreneurs. So, please click the blue, "Yes, I Accept Offer" button below & let's get started creating your back of the room offer to increase your revenue & share your passion more deeply,


Upgrade your program now before time runs out. Do it now. The return on your investment is enormous.

Don't procrastinate.

October 04, 2022

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