Dynamic People Know What Makes them Interesting, Compelling as well as What Differentiates them from the Crowd.

Learn how to capitalize on these distinctions and parlay them to your advantage.


Industry Influencer Podcast with Andrea Callahan
  • What are You Doing?

    How are you going to implement your plan to be better and do better?

  • What's on Your Calendar?

    How much time have you set aside on your calendar, just for you?


3 Strategies You Can Implement Right Now to Change Your Life

  • Build Trust

    Trust and understand yourself in the deepest level, have clarity about what you stand for and what you want in life. It strengthens you and positions you as credible. Credibility breeds trust and a healthy self-esteem.

  • Be the Real You

    Your personal brand must be authentic and transparent in order to affirm your inner strength. Within this strength you build your self-esteem and assertiveness muscle to get what you want. Stand in your truth, bravely.

  • Maximize Your Edge

    Celebrate your greatness within. Nourish your mind, body and spirit by maximizing your skills, expertise and special gifts .  A healthy self-esteem is essential for growth and achieving success. Strut your edge, boldly.

Of All the Judgements You Make in Life, None Has More Influence Than the One You Make About Yourself

Callahan's "Think Industry Influencer" is a lifestyle. It's a journey of self-discovery, awareness and personal mastery. It's holistic wellness to in order for you to flourish both personally and professionally.

Think Industry Influencer is a positive approach to living with the emphasis on the whole brand, inside-out. It is the integration of the mind, body, spirit that leads your personal brand. It is also the purpose, passion, and mission of the professional brand. "Think Industry Influencer", is the intention that everything you do, think, feel, and believe has an impact on your ability to get out front and take the lead.

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>>You are Brave, Evolving, Empowered, Exceptional & Revolutionary <<

Your personal brand wellness is the secret to personal achievement and professional success. A healthy self-esteem begins your journey to holistic wellness and success.

Self-Esteem & Assertiveness for Industry Influencers

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A Journey to Developing an Optimum Life

You Have a Vision for Your Life, Go Get It


  • Take a honest look at where you are now in your life
  • Dream about where you want to be & what you want to do
  • Embrace change, relish in the journey
  • Maximize talent, strengths & special gifts
  • Unlock hidden talent
  • Identify barriers, blockage & areas of need
  • Maintain positive flow of energy & thoughts
  • Develop self-esteem & assertiveness muscle
  • Live brave & believe in your worth
  • Have a readiness to live triumphant life
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