Mirror Check: How Do Your Customers See and Feel About Your Brand?

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Your brand image is how you cut through the noise. Here's the thing 💡 your brand image, just like your brand is what your customer says it is. ⠀

Your brand image is your customer's perception of your brand- based on their understanding, their interactions, and their combined experiences with your business.⠀

It is important to maintain a consistent brand image because consumers no longer make purchase decisions, solely based on price or even what's considered the best product. Today, many consumers are loyal to a brand that shares the same values. It is important for brands to make clear what it stands for in order to attract consumers.⠀

Millennials and Gen Z in particular are loyal to brands that stand for what they believe in and support causes that are important to them.⠀


Start by understanding who your brand is and what it stands for...⠀

1. Mission⠀
2. Vision⠀
3 Values⠀
4. Purpose⠀

Everything your company does and every customer/employee touchpoint must in sync with your brand image. Doing this will clearly position your brand in the market as well as the hearts and minds of your Ideal Buyer. 💯


Andrea Callahan inspires passionate & purpose-driven brands to maximize their strengths to craft an image that represents their WHY, and then use that WHY to position themselves as Industry Influencers; who share experiences that attract their Ideal Buyers. Callahan is a speaker, seminar leader, and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear." Callahan is also the principal brand manager @ACIagency, a high-end boutique, integrated-marketing agency, specializing in helping locally-owned brands share their WHY.

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