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Take Control of Your Life.



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This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. You work hard. You deserve a BIG payoff. I Dare You To Dream. I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY.  I DARE YOU TO CREATE WEALTH.

Passion & Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Transforming Business

Business professionals communicating their story in a way that resonates with the right people. Your strategic brand  attracts your ideal buyers to the promise that you can live up and builds loyalty among them.

Andrea Callahan's Industry Influencers Blog

Crafting Your Position as Industry Influencer...

A daily blog to assist creatives in growing their influence through branding, media, marketing & public relationships. Take the lead & get a view from the top.

New Book Release!

You are your brand and your brand is you. Your brand is the vehicle that propels your service into your client's lives and into their hearts. Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your products, as well as offer a promise of excellence that you can live up to. Design a Uniquely Dynamic Brand that Exemplifies Your Passion & Purpose. Create your dream business.

The Personal Brand of You Now on Amazon

The Personal Brand of You

D.I.L. Your Target Market

Define, Identify, Locate Your Target Market

Defining Your Dynamic USP

Defining Your Dynamic USP

STOP! The Marketing Madness book on Amazon

STOP! The Marketing Madness

Business Planning Basics 2 for Online Business Book on

Business Planning Basics 2 - Online

The Entrepreneur's Persistence & Determination Award

You Have Done Something Extraordinary...

What if I told you I am proud of you for demonstrating persistence and determination? Here is an award just for you, for pursuing your dreams.

Maximizing Media to Generate Dynamic Growth Potential

When media methods are implemented effectively, it places your business at the center of attention of the buyers who are more likely going to buy from you.



This is where SUCCESS HAPPENS. The elite entrepreneur, are you ready to make quantum leaps in your business? We have designed this membership to meet your needs. This private membership is exclusive for movers-and-shakers ready to take their dreams by storm. It is crafted for the passion & purpose-driven entrepreneur. Join Us & Secure Your View From the TOP!

Created with You in mind.

It's Time...

Ten Faces of Success Private Online Community for Entrepreneurs

To Transform Your Business from Mediocre to ExtraOrdinary

Custom-Tailored Marketing Campaigns Drive Revenue to Greater Heights

An in-depth understanding of your ideal buyer is the foundation for the tactical marketing that will multiply your investment.

Andrea Callahan's Leader of the Pack Mastermind

Leader of the Pack Mastermind Group...

Join an exclusive synergy of purpose, positive energy, commitment & productivity. A group of trend-setting professionals who challenge each other to set & meet the expectations of excellence. Support to craft & implement winning strategies.

Quality of Excellence In Public Relationships Build a 5-Star Reputation to Convert More Buyers

Consistently wooing your public relationships is the best strategy to remain your client’s obvious choice. Your public relations prove who you are and what your business stands for.

Andrea Callahan's Ten Faces of ExtraOrdinaire

Online News for Movers & Shakers...

An Online daily publication for entrepreneurs seeking business & technology news. Of course there is a leisure section; you work hard so you deserve to play hard.

Passive Income EXPLOSION

Get ready...prepare ROCK YOUR RESIDUAL INCOME! Learn how to use your expertise  to increase your bottom line by adding A membership site to your business revenue. Let your knowledge work to raise your profit margin. Learn to set it up on autopilot!

Join me in the Wealth & Abundance

Wealth & Abundance Increase

Andrea Callahan's coaching programs

Peer Learning & Shared Wisdom...

Intimate collaborative space, focused on goal setting; strategies, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability for collective personal achievement, professional development & extraordinary business success.

What's New!

Dream Achievers Forum, where Industry Leaders Meet
Callahans Dream Achievers ForumOur team is also very excited to offer a new FORUM and CHAT ROOM to mastermind, share strategies, tools and best-practices to help move your business from mediocre to extraordinary success. If you are already doing well in business...Great! Now let's get walking among the Super-Successful!


SHARE YOUR WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE & BUILD WEALTHCallahan's Spotlight Stage Marketing Live Event

Share your passion & get paid to teach. Transform into a Highly Paid Speaker & Seminar Leader. JOIN US for the spectacular 3-day live event aimed to teach you how to become a profitable speaker & seminar leader.

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