You're getting ready for work, the phone is ringing, you are tired, stressed, and have too many tasks waiting for you AND too many people needing you to do something. Now what! 😓

SELF-CARE what is that?
Time to practice SELF-LOVE doesn't exist
You aren't taking time for your HEALTH & WELLNESS as necessary
In the midst of surviving another LIFE INTERRUPTION Yikes!

Stop. Take a deep breath. 

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness with Andrea Callahan


Want to become more mindful in your life but aren’t quite sure where to start? There are several different ways to practice mindfulness to bring calm, clarity, and consciousness - in this very moment.


The best way to increase mindfulness in your life is by setting aside time every day to meditate. Meditation creates a space for you to spend quality time with yourself! It allows you to evaluate both your emotions as well as your physical feelings. It can also help relieve stress and induce a calmer demeanor. If you want to become more mindful, it's a good idea to spend time being calm each day. Schedule it.


Spending time outside in the fresh air can do wonders for you mentality. And the best part is, you don’t need any special training to implement this in your life. Start by going for a walk in a park near your home or office while paying attention to all the scenery around you. Yes, I am suggesting that you also stop to smell the roses. Look up at the clouds,  admire the branches of the trees and take a deep breath.


Another way to practice mindfulness is by starting all of your days with clear intentions. You can do this by waking up early and having a morning routine that helps you start the day relaxed and prepared.. This morning routine can be meditating when you first wake up, completing breathing exercises, or even going for a nature walk before work. Before anything, take a moment for gratitude.


Watching what you eat doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go on a diet. In this day and age, meals have become quick periods where you eat as fast as possible. Slow down, take each bite with purpose, notice all of the flavors you are experiencing. Pay attention after you finish eating to see how different foods affect your moods and health. You may be surprised by what you discover about how different foods make you feel. Take your time, savor the flavors, feel the texture, relish in the aromas, and be at peace while you eat. Make eating and experience.


Sometimes your life can be so hectic that you don’t spend any time on yourself. No matter what your schedule is like, now is the time to work in frequent pauses. These pauses don’t have to be long, just a few moments to breathe deeply and evaluate how you feel, and what you are thinking. You will find these mindful moments will do wonders to relief stress, and to bring clarity and consciousness.

Overall, leading a more mindful life isn’t that difficult. Simply start by trying one or a few of the items on this list, and you’ll be feeling more mindful in no time at all!

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