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Knowing your value, shifts your intention. Your personal brand mirrors your passion and purpose. It exemplifies your hopes, dreams and how you move in the world. 

Your brand - is a reflection of how you show up in spaces.

Bold Self-Love =

personal achievement

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 joyful fulfilled life

Andrea Callahan author speaker, seminar leader, trainer and small business owner

When you are clear about who you are, your purpose becomes evident. Being authentic transforms your possibilities. As your confidence grows so does your expectations.

Loving yourself teaches others how to love you. Be empowered. Be brilliant. ~AC

What will you learn from my books:

We place our attention on our priorities and what we value most.

Re-Directing Valuable Resources

We each have valuable resources that are inherent to just being, and existing. Time, energy, attention and money are among our most essential. These resources are allocated as we see fit. I am suggesting compassion, empathy, and love are also resources to offer yourself, consistently.


Revealing the personal feelings you have about yourself. It's about giving yourself grace, forgiveness, and love; even during spaces when you are out-of-bounds, make an error, make poor judgments, or bad choices. In these spaces, you are still valuable so it is critically important to spend forgiveness freely.


Practice loving yourself and all your humaneness. It's understanding that you are worthy, even in the midst of shame. In fact, having compassion is the greatest gift you can offer yourself during times hardship and self-reflection. Be kind with yourself. You deserve it.


Be diligent to do your best, to both guard and affirm your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual + financial well-being - at all times. It's not selfish. It's self-preservation. Care for yourself because you are worthy.


Joy begins with self -compassion; -empathy; and -love. They each partner together to create a space to give you what your body, mind, and soul needs; to survive, revive, and thrive. Be brave. Be bold. Be happy. You earned it.

I have read most of Andrea's books. She has written on all the areas I need to get my life together. The workbooks and journals have been most helpful in getting my thoughts out of my head and on paper.

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Sarah J

Boutique owner

The Self-Love Handbook Andrea Callahan

The Self-Love Handbook

Standing tall in your authentic brilliance.
Discover how self-love heals your triggers and trauma. Prioritizing self-care will encourage mind, emotional, body, and spirit wellness.

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Mental Clarity

Our minds are often our own worst enemy. Learn how to eliminate the self-defeating habits to get clarity about who you are, what you expect, and what you want in life.

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Mental clarity moving through the self-talk book by Andrea Callahan
Happiness starts within Andrea Callahan

Happiness Starts with You

Awaken your true purpose doing what brings you joy. If you're still breathing, you can choose anytime to start taking care of mental, emotional, & physical well-being.

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Unshakable Confidence

Our minds are often our own worst enemy. Learn how to eliminate the self-defeating habits to get clarity about who you are, what you expect, and what you want in life.

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Unshakable Confidence book Andrea Callahan
Mindset Reset Andrea Callahan

Mindset Reset

Eliminate self-limiting beliefs, gain focused clarity for personal achievement and professional success. Change how others view you, and how you see yourself.

The Mojo

Brave. Inspired. Motivated. Fighting back against the motivation meltdown - feeling demotivated, burnout, lazy, anxious, and tired. Find hope, and love to restore joy.

The Mojo Brave Inspired Motivated Andrea Callahan
Relentless Self-love. Courage. Optimism Andrea Callahan


Self-love. Courage. Optimism. The keys to overflowing happiness,  unseen opportunities, and infinite possibilities begins with your persistent drive to be brilliant.

Better & Better

Getting better and better in everyday in every way. How small and simple changes, just get 1% better everyday, will lead to grand results as you master the art of Kaizen.

Better and Better Everyday in Every Way book Andrea Callahan
The Brilliant Me A Journey to Joy book Andrea Callahan

The Brilliant Me

A journey to joy begins with discovering how to transform your life and claim your personal power in order to be the best version of yourself possible.

The Disciplined Mind

The art of getting your thoughts, heart, choices, and habits to play nicely. A critical part of your journey to joy is being mindful, persistent, and yes, focused discipline.

The Disciplined Mind The Art of Getting Thoughts, Heart, Choices, Habits, to Play Nicely
Indestructible Motivation Get what you want, when you want it book Andrea Callahan

Indestructible Motivation

Get what you want. When you want it. Tap into your motivation to be healthier, stronger, happier, more confident, because you know how and when to put in the work.

Mastering Your Mind

Overcoming the fear of rejection and failure. Understand your subconscious and how to program it for success with proven techniques used to develop mental strength.

Mastering Your Mind overcoming the fear of rejection and fear
The Anti Anxiety Formula  Using anxiety to identify the stress and triggers that negatively impact your life in order to help you live joyful life

The Anti-Anxiety Formula

Using anxiety to identify the stress and triggers that negatively impact your life in order to help you live a joyful life. Take back your power.

The Daily Affirmations

The pursuing the daily joy with courage, affirmations, and self-love. Your life is, in part, a reflection of your thoughts. What you think about all day is what you will attract.

The Daily Affirmations book Andrea Callahan
The Brilliance Within: Rewiring your mind, emotions, and life for pace, joy, and love Andrea Callahan

The Brilliance Within

Today can be the turning point in your life. Control the path of your personal greatness. Discover how to unlock your true potential and achieve the goals you set in life.


The plan of action. Create more positive emotions, appreciate life's experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity, and build stronger and deeper relationships.

Gratitude: The Plan of Action book Andrea Callahan
Dream Big  The Abundance Mindset. You are worthy book Andrea Callahan

The Abundance Mindset

Dream big. There are enough resources for you to have your needs met. It is possible to achieve what you want in life but you must first believe there are available options.

The Journey to Joy

Discover 10 golden rules you can easily apply to life to be happy, in the long-term. Apply the strategies peak performers use stay at the top
of their game and replicate their success! 

Success Principles a Journey to Joy book Andrea Callahan
Morning Mastery: Have an awesome day by starting with mindfulness and high vibrations of love + gratitude Andrea Callahan

Morning Mastery

Have a awesome day by starting with mindfulness and high vibrations of love + gratitude. Set the expectations for your day. Choose actions to achieve those experiences.

The Untaken Road

Get out of your comfort zone because you deserve to be happy. Uncover the blueprint to take you from deep within your comfort zone to your personal freedoms and joy.

The Untaken Road; Get out of your comfort zone because you deserve to be happy Andrea Callahan
Awaken Your True Calling: Attracting a life of inspire love, peace, joy, and fulfillment Andrea Callahan

Awaken Your True Calling

Attracting a life inspired by love, peace, joy, and fulfillment. Do a deep dive to reveal the things that speak to your authentic bliss. Then create a roadmap to experience more of it.

The S.M.A.C.K. Attack

Fighting S.M.A.C.K To Make Room for Inner Peace & Self-Love The S.M.A.C.K Attack: A Guide to Fight Against Self-Sabotage, Mindlessness, Acute & Chronic Stress

The SMACK Attack book by Andrea Callahan

As the days pass, so do the weeks, months and years until the moment you decide to do something different.

When Is It Going to Be Your Time to Smile and Be Happy? 

The time is now my friend. Submit your order below and let's do this thing called joy.


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January 2021 - Getting ready to massive growth and joy!

This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, therapist, or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding any type of mental or physical concerns. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read.or heard from a non-licensed professional. Your health and wellness is critically import. Please practice self-love and get the care you need to live your best life.🦋

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