Learn to lean into your strengths and stand tall in your authentic brilliance. You are worthy & you deserve joy.

YOUR PERSONAL BRAND - Begins with self-love + self-care.

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Hi, I'm Andrea Callahan, your brand manager. Do you know that you are the brand? It is my responsibility to ensure that you, the principal, are building a personal brand that serves you well, to live your best life. It is my job to help make sure all the pieces of your life are in sync - collaborate, support, and honor your authentic self. It's my job to help you bring out the best of who you are.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is the essence of who you are. It's the unique combination of your energy, skills and experiences that make you a one-of-a-kind. Your brand is how you show up. It's your presence. Effective personal branding will differentiate you from anyone else in the world. It will force you to standout from the competition and allow you to build trust with friends, family, prospective clients, employers, and your various communities. Your personal brand is your authentic self. It's the combination of your brilliant moments that position you to thrive. Your brand is a bold self-love, experiencing a joyful, fulfilled life.

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Bold Self-Love =

personal achievement

professional success

joyful fulfilled life

The Pillars of Your Personal Brand:

Awareness: What you are letting into your mind

Choosing to be awake in each moment of being alive. It doesn't think nor judge. It simply positions and connects you to everything else. It provides the context for your experience. 

Attention: What interacts with your mind

As we pay attention, we begin to relate, think about and react. This single track processing of information leads to more thoughts and reactions or it causes us to process more deeply.

Intention: What guides your actions

Intention is what guides our actions. That deep desire activates our will and focuses our attention. Intentions start off tasking your brain with an idea, then tasks your body with action.

Attitude: What shapes how you feel

Open curiosity that we bring to what we are aware of in the moment. The attitude is your mental and emotional response or approach to something or personal view on it.





Hi I am Andrea Callahan

Principal Brand Manager

I AM a messenger of love sent here to remind you to stand tall in our authentic brilliance. Why? Because you are worthy. Knowing your value shifts your intention. Clarity about your life's purpose, changes how you move through life. When you are clear about who you are, your brilliance becomes evident. Being authentic transforms the possibilities. As your confidence grows so do your expectations. Be brave, expect more. Expect excellence.

I could list of lot of words to make me look "important" and "successful," but that is not why I am here. What you really need to know about me is, I don't claim to be a "guru." I just love my tribe. I intrinsically care about people, women - women of color. I am committed to each of us loving ourselves, and each other so we can all live free. I want women to have the freedom to be authentic in all the spaces they enter. I want women to thrive in any and every way that brings them satisfaction. I want women to prioritize self-care, master self-love, and grow in joy.

Loving yourself teaches others how to love you. Be empowered, it teaches people how to treat you. Reimagine living a life of calm, joy, love, and fulfillment. Visualize a life where you are brave. One where you live in awareness in order to evolve. Imagine the extraordinary life you can have if you healed from trauma, relieved of unnecessary stress, and unburdened by unrealistic responsibilities. You are worthy. You are an exceptional human

So, no matter the role I'm in, speaking, leading a workshop, writing books, managing my business, or mentoring the next generation of dynamic leaders, please know that is all in service to the same thing...Women Empowerment. Together, we are revolutionary.

How to Stand in Your Authentic Brilliance



A mindfulness lifestyle can help you cope with stress, pain and other challenges of life.

Promoting yourself clearly, positively, and authentically is the key to success. Building and maintaining your personal brand to change how you present in the world - and how to transform your career, business & life. It's about your passion. Your story. Your brand. Invest in yourself because your skills and expertise are your brand equity.

Personal development training with Andrea Callahan
Finding Joy - Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness


Finding Me

A mindfulness journey to reconnect with yourself to find joy, self-love, and fulfillment.

We all lose touch with ourselves at some point in life. Many of us spend so many years caring for others that we lose sight of who we are, and what we want in life. In this program, we will journey together to reimagine a life of authentic joy, with guided imagery, meditations, and reflections. This is a beginner's guide to mindfulness, its uses & benefits in your everyday life.


Building the Self-Love Habit

The most important relationship that you will have in life is one that you have with yourself.

Self-loves meaning that you accept yourself fully, treat yourself with kindness and respect; nurture your growth and prioritize your healing while protecting your wellbeing. Self-love authorizes you to practice self-empathy, self-compassion, and self-care.

I love me! The Self-Love Habit with Andrea Callahan


Yoga, For Beginners

Let's get grounded, centered, balanced, flexible, strong, calm, clear-headed, focused, relaxed, happy, healthy, and free from stress and anxiety, together.

Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing, and to relax your mind. This online program will show you classical yoga as practiced in the US that emphasizes physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).

Yoga at home
Manifesting abundance and prosperity with Andrea Callahan


Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity for Joy

Our lives are evolutionary journeys through consciousness. As we integrate new experiences and broaden our perceptions of life, we become more authentic and magnetic.

One of the meaningful, practical, and all encompassing ways to change and grow is to enhance your relationship with money; prosperity, and money. Money influences our thoughts, feelings, behavior, actions, and habits, every day. This program shows you how to shift your mindset. As you grow in consciousness, you will grow in abundance.


Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

A mindfulness lifestyle can help you cope with stress, pain and other challenges of life.

Life constantly demands our attention, but when we become fixated on the past or worried about the future we contribute our feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. When this happens we often overlook and miss the joy in our lives. Mindfulness stress reduction is a blend of meditation, body awareness, and mindful movement. In this program you will learn to practice, and study how your body handles, (and resolves) stress.

The Mindfulness for Stress Reduction with Andrea Callahan


How Do I Know If It's Time for Self-Care?

Disconnected. I feel disconnected from family and friends. I feel alienated. I am disconnected from my body. I feel alone. I sometimes feel like I have to do it by myself.
Missionless. I'm stuck in this unfulfilling job. My business isn't growing. I feel trapped. I am not happy. I don't feel joy. I don't laugh like I used to. Nothing inspires me anymore.
Unheard. No one understands me. My partner or spouse doesn't listen to me. I can't talk to my friends and family honestly. I have no one to share with. I feel alone.
Passionless. I've lost my mojo. My energy is low. I'm always tired. I have no vigor. I am not enthusiastic about anything. I don't sleep well. I feel useless. I have no passion.
Hopeless. I have regrets. I have made many mistakes. I have made a mess with my life. I'm stuck in the past. I can't let go of hurt, anger, and resentment. I'm not present.
Sick. I'm sick and tired. I feel sluggish. I've gained weight. I've gotten lazy. I don't eat right. I make poor food and drink choices. I have no desire to exercise. I don't feel well.


Discovering Points of Friction & Resistance Is the Roadmap to Accepting Happiness.

We All Live Better When We Present As Our Whole, Authentic, Confident, Brilliant & Joyful Selves

Life constantly demands our attention, but when we become fixed on the past or worried about the future we cause anxiety and unhappiness. When this happens we often overlook and miss the joy in our lives. The key to living your fulfilled life is to live in the present, moment-by-moment, authentically and brilliantly - with care, self-love and confidence.

Stand Tall In Your Authentic Brilliance

One of the most challenging things in life is to show up as yourself in every space that you enter. It's tough to "be yourself" in a world that expects you to be like someone else. Everyone want's you to be who they think you should be, for them. 

Be strong, but don't make other feel insecure.
Make yourself pretty, but don't think you're cute.
Be strong, but don't make others feel weak.
Be successful, but don't be full of yourself.
Be seen, but not heard.
Get your voice in the room, but don't be too loud.
Be maternal, take care of others, but don't be too emotional.
Be beautiful, but be modest.
Be confident, but don't make others feel incompetent.
Take care of everyone else needs, but don't let yourself go.

As your brand manager, I must inform you that all the above is ridiculously unreasonable. To do all of this is a lot of performing! You do know that this is an impossible way to live, right? 

Let's do this, let's take a moment to pause. Imagine for a moment what your life can be like if you could start over. Simply let go of what everyone else wants from you. Release it. Do it now.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and visualize who you could be if let go of what the world wants from you and only think about what you want for yourself. Who are you intrinsically? What do you look like when you are truly being yourself? What does your life look like if you define it?

What if I told you there is way back to your authentic brilliance. What if I told you I have a program that can help you reimagine your life filled with peace, joy, love, and fulfillment?

Let's reclaim your authentic self. Let's prioritize your own needs. Let's redefine your own values.

Together, we can (re)find your authentic self. We can (re)define your personal brand. Ready?

What is a mindfulness lifestyle? Answer from Andrea Callahan


Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
Session 2: Mindfulness of the Body
Session 3: Mindfulness of Emotions
Session 4: Being with What's Difficult
Session 5: Loving Kindness & Compassion
Session 6: Communication & Leadership
Session 7: Resilience
Session 8: Mindfulness & Anxiety
Session 9: Mindfulness for Work & Career
Session 10: Moving forward Mindfully

Invest in yourself. Make your joy a priority. Rediscover & reinvent yourself. Stand in your authentic brilliance. You deserve it.

"It is been such a good experience joining Andrea's programs. I always learn so much and come out on the other side smarter, more enlightened and a better person. If you have an opportunity to join one of her programs or attend an event, you definately should do it. It's for sure worth the investment in yourself."

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Kim Austin

Salon Owner


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PS. Get clarity. Learn how to deeply listen to yourself, trust what’s true for you, and unapologetically act in alignment with your joy. This in-depth 10 session Mindfulness Lifestyle Program will help you get there. You are Brave, Evolving, Empowered, Exceptional, & Revolutionary - take control.

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