Fighting acute & chronic stress negatively affects your mind, body, spirit and quality of life.

Are You stressed out & tired of Being Tired?

How to fight back against stress to reclaim your peace, joy, self-love and confidence; with courage.

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S.M.A.C.K Attack

Reclaiming your power and your joy.

A guide to help you be brave and fight back:

  • Self-sabotage 
  • Mindlessness
  • Acute stress
  • Chronic stress
  • Karma

It's your time to be happy. You deserve it.

Andrea Callahan author Speaker trainer

Hi, I am Andrea Callahan, small business owner, trainer, speaker, and author. So many of us spend the better part of our lives overwhelmed, stressed, and unfulfilled as we move through our daily tasks, year-after-year. Overall, if you are like me, as you get older you begin to realize that you are not happy. Your mind is not in a good place, your body is letting  you down and your spirit is broken. It increasingly becomes difficult to function at peak performance under these conditions. If you are responsible for a business, a team, a family, a partner, a department, or a community, you have your hands full. Managing it all, may cause you to experience an additional layer of stress. It is my intention to support you on your journey to get more out of life by disrupting your thought patterns, shifting your mood, and breaking the habits that do not serve you well; while simultaneously implementing affirming, purposeful, patient self-love and care. Why? Because you are worthy. You deserve joy, love, excitement, passion, and fulfillment. You are worthy.

The Fight for peace, joy, love & fulfillment

Fighting S.M.A.C.K To Make Room for Inner Peace & Self-Love

The S.M.A.C.K Attack: A Guide to Fight Against Self-Sabotage, Mindlessness, Acute & Chronic Stress

Survival VS Thrive

Most of us have been trained to kick into survival mode when we are under duress. In fact, if you are like me, you wear this skill like a badge of honor. Our motto, "When the going gets tough, we get going." and "I perform better under pressure." and "I kick into high gear under stress."  If your head is held high and your chest is stuck out a little further as you read these words in agreement, then Houston, you have a problem. Yup! You may not like it but you thrive in survival mode...and that is nothing to celebrate.

The is a problem with living in survival mode.

This state of being is not sustainable. We can only do enough to make it through the moment. In survival mode our state of mind is conditioned to focus only on the bare minimum, to make it through the right now -only the eminent danger. Further, when that duress is caused by illness, the lens from which we pull our ability to thrive becomes smaller as we quickly lose focus.

Acute stress shocks your system.

When you have a traumatic experience it halts your ability to temporarily function at full capacity. Acute stress thwarts success until the threat is over. However if your needs aren't met or the acute stress isn't reconciled, we learn to live with it. This new way of living turns in chronic stress. Chronic stress does the most damage because it negatively impacts your ability to succeed over a prolonged period of time. Chronic stress is more harmful that acute stress as it often makes it a challenge to manage day-to-day choices. Chronic stress impedes on our ability to think clearly, make good decisions, create affirming habits or make positive lifestyle choices.

Chronic stress steals ingenuity and creativity.

It fights diligently against your ability to have clarity and make good sound choices. Long-term stress steals your energy, your confidence and your ability to soar. Chronic stress chips away at your self-esteem and your ability to feel worthy.

Chronic stress causes simple everyday decisions to become life-changing declarations.

Making good decisions become debilitating. Many of us become paralyzed when it's time to make important decisions for our lives. The fear of making the wrong choice thwarts our ability to function effectively. Poor decisions become detrimental in the long-run. They can immobilize us and prevent us from thriving. Making good choices is critical to our well-being.

Stress causes cloudy judgement which digs you deeper into negative emotions and depression.

Unchecked mistakes are emboldened to take over your thought process. Un-vetted choices can send your life into chaos and uncertainty. Choosing unwisely can cause you question your potential, your value, and your worth. It weakens your ability to see viable options and possibilities. It slows believe in yourself. It causes you to question the confidence necessary to recover.

Limited options shapes your mindset.

Acute stress triggers poor decisions and those poor choices, if left unattended, further prolong chronic stress. And if you don't rebound quickly with clarity, hope, faith, determination, persistence, forgiveness and self-love, you will undoubtedly spiral fast with no end in sight.

Over time, chronic stress kills your spirit. It alters both, how you see the world and your place within it. It zaps your energy, cutting off the supply source of the motivation and inspiration  you need to thrive. Chronic stress negatively impacts your hope and feelings of aspiration. It makes you feel defeated and out-of-control. It makes you feel weak.

You may not be able to control acute stress and the mental, psychological and physical shock that may result, but you can control how you both respond and recover in the short term. On the other hand, chronic stress and the long-term mental pressure, kills your hopes and dreams. This is where despair begins.

I am here because I am have been both a victim and a victor of acute + chronic stress.

Over the years, I have endured episodes of acute stress like a rape as a teenager, homelessness, finding my mother dead, and life-threatening illnesses, for examples. I have also managed chronic stress as a single mother with a demanding career as well as a leader and business owner. Our paths may be varied but we are each traveling similar roads that we need exit.

Please know, that you do not have to endure this space on your own. There are too many of us in this space to leave it to you to fend for yourself. You are not alone. I am here. We all are here. Together.

This journey may be challenging but in the end, I hope you will be enlightened, inspired and left with with tools to help you navigate your acute and chronic stress so you can fight self-sabotage, mindlessness and karma that does not serve you well.

Be well in sisterhood,


The SMACK Attack book by Andrea Callahan

What will you learn from this book:

Self-Sabotaging Habits

Removing habits that block your personal achievement and professional success.

Acute & Chronic Stressors

Lifestyle, mindset and the habits to help you cope with the effects of various stressors.

In the Present Mindfulness

Paying attention to the present with brave curiosity and loving non-judgement.

Preparing for Karma

Your choices and habits that influence the cause and effects of your daily life.

Do Not Allow Stress to Rob You of Your Health, Well-Being, & Joy

Stress, as you probably know, is the body’s response to a perceived threat, or danger. The body reacts when fear is allowed to catapult you into flight or fight mode. Our goal is to disrupt the negative impact of stress.

Daily Stress

How to fight against common daily chronic stress symptoms.

Un-managed Stress

Can lead to poor choices, self-sabotage, and habits that hurt our self-esteem.

Major Health Risks

How to fight against the prolonged stress that can cause disease and illness.

Sex & Intimacy

Understanding how stress impacts your sex drive, performance & enjoyment.

Woman reading The SMACK Attack book by Andrea Callahan

Manage Your PerceptionInterpretation and Response to Stress

Stress may not be something you can manage in its' entirety. Some believe you can't manage stress at all, that you must live through it. Either way, managing your response to stress is totally under your control.

learn how stress shows up in your life

Learn strategies, techniques and best practices to cope with stress in order to live your optimum life.

Identify How Stress Shows Up in Your Life

Click the + sign to revel the symptoms

Physical symptoms

Do you have any of these chronic ailments?

□  Frequent headaches

□  Clenching of the jaw or jaw pain

□  Teeth grinding

□  Stammered speech or stuttering

□  Trembling or shaking hands or lips

□  Muscle spasms

□  General Body aches (Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder tension and pain)

□  Dizziness and/or light-headedness

□  Sweating

□  Feeling flushed or blushing of the facial cheeks

□  Sweaty and/or cold feet and/or hands

□  Dry mouth

□  Frequent illness, such as flu, colds, or infections

□  Hives, skin rashes, itching

□  Digestive problems (Heartburn, Stomach pain, Nausea, Diarrhea, Constipation, IBS)

□  Labored or difficult breathing

□  Chest pain, heart palpitations, rapid pulse

□  Frequent urination not otherwise explained

□  Exhaustion and fatigue

□  Unexplained weight gain or loss

Mental symptoms

Have you experienced any of these ailments for prolonged periods of time?

□  Panic attacks

□  Anxiety

□  Excessive worry

□  Depression

□  Loss of concentration

□  Loss of focus

□  Problems with learning and cognitive ability

□  Racing thoughts

□  Brain fog

□  Forgetfulness and memory problems

□  Difficulties with making decisions

□  Overwhelm

□  Burnout

Mood Affects

How often to experience these emotions, and how long?

□  Restlessness

□  Nervousness

□  Nervous habits (Nail biting, Fidgeting, Feet tapping)

□  Angry outbursts

□  Hostility

□  Frequent bouts of frustration

□  Mood swings

□  Irritability

□  Edginess

□  Overreaction to petty annoyances

□  Frequent crying spells

□  Feelings of loneliness or worthlessness

Quality of Life

How many of these negative impact of stress do you regularly experience?

□  Changes in appetite, with unexplained increases or decreases

□  Binge eating or eating behind stress

□  Poor sleep, including insomnia, and nightmares

□  Obsessive or compulsive behavior (Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Impulsive shopping, Cigarette Smoking)

□  Loss of productivity at work

□  Excessive defensiveness or inability to trust others

□  Communication problems

□  Social isolation and withdrawal

□  Lack of sexual desire or interest

Practice How to Use Healing Weapons to Fight Back and Win

Rest. Sleep well
Make healthy food and drink choices
Be mindful.
Practice self-care: journal, meditate, yoga, excercise
Prioritizing doing what matters first
Invest some time doing what you love
Keep in touch with people who inspire you
Have a circle of allies that you trust
Set boundaries: learn to say NO
Be assertive: learn to get your needs met
Maintain a running list of gratitude
Regular update your strengths list

Mindfulness is Being in the Present

Mindfulness is about being fully aware of what's happening in the here and now.

The practice of being mindful is being still in the moment, especially when things in your life are in disarray. Mindfulness doesn't prevent you from overreacting or becoming overwhelmed with negative emotions, however, it does help you stop spiraling down a path of prolonged despair. This inner battle with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions trigger negative responses made out of habit. Break those triggering behaviors that don't serve you well.

Mindfulness is focused on the now, it's not about drifting away in the past or projecting thoughts into the future.

Mindfulness is the acceptance of the person you are, just as you are, right where you are.

The benefits of mindfulness:
Reduce stress, anxiety. Improve emotional balance.
Greater harmony. Experience more joy. Feeling more fulfilled.
Improve sleep, reduce pain. Decrease inflammation.
Experience calm, peace, energy, and self-love in the moments you need it most.

Planting Clear Intentions & Deeds for Good Karma

You do not have to remain stuck in the cycle of your poor choices and ill-informed decisions. We all have made mistakes and participated in behavior that have not served us well. However, you don't have to suffer for those misdeeds for the rest of your life. You can free yourself from the results of your past choices and actions.

The notion that karma is a moral justice system in which positive thoughts bring good things and negativity is curse you for for life is simply not true.

Here's why it's important to understand the true meaning of karma:

Karma is action, channeled by thought. If our friend Kim, (we all have this person in our circle,) always complains “Nothing ever goes right for me,” she is setting Karma to make that statement true. Kim is not simply condemning herself, she is repeating a familiar, negative thought pattern that causes her to make poor choices. She may decide to take actions that are not in her best interest. Kim may not see options and may miss opportunities that are right in front of her. Kim's thoughts are inspiring the actions that are causing havoc on her present and future experiences.

It is important to understand, Karma does not disperse rewards or punishments. It’s an energetic exchange that is created, powered, and contained by the Self - yourself.

The next time you feel good about yourself or something you've done, give yourself a chance to relish in the moment. Always speak kindly to yourself, observe spaces of self-judgement, give yourself grace and another chance to do things differently: that’s a karmic boost.

When you feel badly about yourself or something you have done recently or in the past,  forgive yourself. Be reminded to use the mantra “next time, I will do better,” or "Now that I no better, I will do better."

Remember, it’s not good vs. bad, it’s a constant work in progress on our journey through this life—that’s karma!

Karma is...
A thought guide
An action guide
A moral compass
A pathway to joy

In order to create the change in our lives that will make the greatest impact, we must first be brave. We must bring forth the courage to seek awareness. We must want to see ourselves, our choices, our habits, and our lives through clear lenses. Surrender to the truth about who you really your core. Once we get a clear-eyed view of our authentic selves and where we are in our lives, we must then accept that we are here. Don't punish yourself on the how and the why. Simply accept, we are here.

Surrendering doesn't mean giving up and acceptance doesn't mean everything happening is either bad or good. We are simply in a state of realizing and knowing.

The experience of surrendering and accepting does not make you weak.

 It is empowering. It helps you evolve and transform your life from a place of courage and strength.

This journey to self-awareness, self-care, self-love and fulfillment will help you stand tall, boldly in your brilliance.

Andrea Callahan author Speaker trainer

Andrea A. Callahan

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Self-Love Guide

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The Collaboration between Diet & Stress

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EXTRA BONUS - Access to the Mindfulness Exercise Club

S.M.A.C.K Attack book by Andrea Callahan

If you are tired of being tired...

Learn how to stop stress, anxiety, tension, & resentment from making you be an unhappy and angry woman

The workout plan begins here. Are you ready to exercise your mindfulness? Here is your special invitation to join our 101-Day Mindfulness Lifestyle Journey to find out.

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