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the ritual of journal writing for optimum living

Journaling evokes mindfulness, it helps you become present, and achieve a clear state of mind. Expressing your thoughts on paper provides an opportunity for emotional healing, confidence, and a positive self-identity.

Dreams Journal Andrea Callahan

Dreams Journal

2023 Pink Journal Andrea Callahan

2023 Get Ready Journal

Purple Womens Sketch Journal Andrea Callahan

Women Inspired Journal

Elegant & Sturdy

Andrea's journals are elegant and sturdy. They are a great investment in helping me to the work.

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Markina Johnson



These are some of the nicest journals! I love them all!

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Christiana K



Sometimes it's difficult for me to organize my busy life. These planners help me get on and stay on track.

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Helen Perez



The best partnership. Journaling + guided meditation go together!

Mindfulness helps us to quiet the mind. It naturally  helps us to use our intuition to relate to our environment and the world. The practice of mindfulness empowers us to enhance our lives in natural ways. The greatest benefit of guided meditation is it provides a framework for authentic self-reflection. Inner exploration helps to set the stage for powerful insights and purposeful self-awareness. It also helps us to:

Reduce stress and anxiety
Integrate and balance emotional intelligence
Improve sleep patterns
Heightened focus and attention
Enhance self-awareness
Physically relax and reduction of pain perception
Connect deeper to spaces within and the world around us

writing in your journal after a guided meditation is a key to self-Awareness

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Featured journal

Your Journey to Mindfulness Journal

We all have things in our lives that require our attention. Some of us have trauma, and many more of us have experienced heartache, sadness, failure, and regret that need processing. Along with Guided Meditation Mindfulness, this accompanied journal will give you a safe space to address your emotions, process your feelings, and get clarity  about your thoughts. Click the button, order and download your journal today.

Meditation Journal Andrea Callahan

Meditation Journals

A meditation journal is a safe space for you to reflect upon your daily meditation practice. After each meditation, use your journal to write your thoughts and sensations that came up during your meditation.

Meditation Journal Andrea Callahan

Manifestation Journals

A manifestation journal is a blank canvas that invites you to write down your desires, dreams, and goals. Journaling is a purposeful space for clarity and reveal barriers and limitations to attract what you want.

Gratitude Journal Andrea Callahan

Gratitude Journals

A gratitude journal forces us to pay attention to the things in life that we may otherwise take for granted. This journaling minimize anxiety, reduce stress, improve mental health, and strengthen relationships.

Andrea Callahan Intention Journal

Intentions Journals

An intention journal is a safe space for you to record, reflect, and evaluate your intentions, habits, choices, and behaviors. It aims to help you create focus and clarity in your daily decisions for what's important.

I bought the Law of Attraction journal with the Law of Attraction eBook, the 2 together really helped me sort out my thoughts, plans and plan the things I wanted to change.

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Laura H

Journaling has been a lifesaver. As a long time depression sufferer, writing and processing my thoughts has helped me pay attention to things that trigger anxiety.

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Jocelyn H

the mindfulness journey begins with a decision to be happy


A journal is one of the best wellness tools available. It is purposeful for many ways - from managing stress to igniting self-discovery. Your journey to joy begins you making the decision to be happy. Joy is choice. Make it. Today. Right now.


Set your intentions and keep track of your goals. Maintain birds-eye view while staying laser focused on what you want.


Track your progress and growth over time. Look back to celebrate the small wins. Remind yourself of the journey.


Observing your progress will confirm that you are brave and smart. Feel proud as you look back at your journey.


Over time, you will gain confidence and strength. Expressing your thoughts and ideas will help you be authentic.


Break the loop of self-talk by releasing negative emotions and toxic thoughts from your mind. Writing them help get clarity.


Your journal is a safe space to brainstorm or brain dump. Innovation, creativity, and insight will come from the freedom.

The My Law of Attraction Journal is Ready!

In order to get what you want in life, you must first set the intention. You must then make the decision to get what you want and set your mind on course to get it.

It's important to maintain a bird's eye view on what you want as well as laser focused on all the things you need in place to achieve it. This focus includes making sure your thoughts, emotions, choices, habits, and behavior is aligned with your intentions. Your Law of Attraction Journal will help you get clarity, stay focused, and help redirect when necessary. Click the link below to get access to this 75-page journal!

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My Law of Attraction Journal Andrea Callahan

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4.8 based on 1000+ reviews

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners on a Journey to Peace ebook

Mindfulness Meditation

for beginners on the journey to peace.

4.8 based on 1000+ reviews

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind to center yourself in the now..

Empowering Habits Collection

"I love the quality of these journals They are durable and go with me everywhere!"

Felicity F. London, UK




Journaling evokes mindfulness, helps you become present, and achieve a clear state of mind. Expressing your thoughts on paper provides an opportunity for emotional healing, confidence, and a positive self-identity.

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