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Andrea Callahan author speaker seminar leader

My Why

In 2009 I started my business to support creative dreamers to pursue their aspirations to create extraordinary businesses.

My mission is to lead small business owners to become Industry Influencers by expanding their brand, crafting marketing messages to attract their Ideal Buyers, building a family of loyal followers; and earn the revenue they deserve doing what they love.

The creative service providers I serve best are so important to me because they are consumed with 3:00 am BIG ideas and they just don't know how to execute a plan to fulfill them. They often feel isolated in ingenuity and creativity misunderstood.

I am committed to offering my 35+ years of leadership, management and marketing experience with small business owners, just like you - who need strategies, training, support, inspiration, challenge and structure.

Did you know that many business problems are personal problems in disguise? Yup, that's why I'm here to help you operate your business from a personal strengths perspective. That's the benefit of personal branding.

My Message for You:

At the core, life is but a string of experiences, including both failures, and achievements. Lessons come within everything you do. We can't control all our life's experiences. However, you have options about how to use your lived experiences for your highest good. Learn to use them as opportunities to be mindful, seek awareness and grow...and do so from a place of patience, self-compassion, and self-love. Be kind to yourself. You are worthy.

Andrea Callahan, brand manager
Andrea Callahan, author, workshop leader, seminar speaker, and brand manager

My numbers

Stats typically aren't  important to me but I have learned to stand tall in my successes (small and large.) If you are like me-and many women- are taught to be humble. I am here to tell you to be proud of your journey and celebrate your wins! Success is whatever you say it is. 🥂









My core values

Your Personal Brand Begins with Self-Love & The Courage to Be Authentically Brilliant

Your personal brand is the essence of who you are. It's the unique combination of your energy, skills and experiences that make you a one-of-a-kind. Your brand is how you show up. It's your presence.


Self-love is a state of appreciation for yourself that grows from actions (and habits) that support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love entails being warm and understanding toward yourself when you suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring your pain and punishing yourself with self-criticism.  Self-love is personal branding.


Self-empathy is the ability to connect with yourself in an affectionate and respectful way. It requires greater self-awareness, discipline, and sensitivity to self-suffering. It is a commitment to finding helpful solutions. Self-empathy is the acknowledgment that, like all human beings, you deserve understanding, compassion, and yes, forgiveness. 


Self-care is the practice of  looking after your own health using the knowledge and information available to you. Self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. It means doing things to take care of your mind, body, and soul by engaging in activities that promote well-being & reduce stress. 


Self-compassion is simply the process of turning compassion inward. We are kind and understanding rather than harshly self-critical when we fail, make mistakes or feel inadequate. We give ourselves support and encouragement rather than being cold and judgmental when challenges and difficulty arise in our lives.

My intention is to guide you stand tall in your authentic brilliance. 🙌🏾

Signature Program

Getting ready for 2024...

The 12-Month Personal Development Life Plan

Start a process that drives you to improve your knowledge, skills and experience, so that you can achieve your life's goals.

Andrea Callahans Personal Development Life Plan


The journey of self-love transforms empowered moments with evolving experiences that ignite the courage women need to stand tall in their authentic brilliance.

Andrea Callahan, principal brand manager

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Andrea Callahan, the power of self-love



Embracing Your Worth: The Journey to Mental Wellness and Self-Love

Embracing Your Worth: The Journey to Mental Wellness and Self-Love



Your brand is the roadmap of your mind, heart, & soul. Be brilliant from the inside-out.  Stand tall.

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