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I honor women who have the heart to implement their dreams and pursue their purpose. Imagining, starting, managing, and growing a brand takes courage. I salute you. πŸ₯‚ A dynamic personal brand = business brand equity. Personal branding starts with self-love and self-care. Persist. Grow. Learn. Stand tall in your authentic brilliance. πŸ¦‹  

My purpose is to support you to get out front, take the lead, and become your buyer's obvious choice because this is challenging for women, in particular.

SCORE tells us that women entrepreneurs often have less access to capital, fewer sales, and the perception of more risk-averse than men. We know there are gender differences in risk attitudes, and this is more stark for women of color. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports capital, confidence, and market saturation remain three of the most significant barriers for women business owners. 

For the above reasons, women deserve more support. Support in their personal lives is essential. It is my belief that many business problems are personal problems in disguise. This is why I am dedicated to help women sharpen their skills and attain knowledge. However, equally I believe in taking a holistic approach to guiding women to be braveempowered as they evolve into extraordinary brand leaders who intend to make a revolutionary impact in their lives, community, and the world.

I am passionate about...self-love, self-care, empowering women & prosperity.
I operate from a place of authenticity, for your, and my highest good.
I listen to understand your brand  to find options, opportunities and solutions.
I believe in inspiring, empowering, and creating positive experiences.
I subscribe to sisterhood, whole-heartedly. I support and challenge with love.

Get ready to (re)define your personal brand because you deserve to live your best life - joy, peace, & fulfillment; doing what you love.

~Andrea Callahan

Many women chose entrepreneurship to follow their passion, gain flexibility, and/or take control of their future as well as their earning power. Unfortunately, around 20% of small businesses, in general, do not survive the first year, and 50% fail before the first five years. 

My business is dedicated to helping women beat those odds. I want you to join the women who are majority owners of 38% of U.S. small businesses, up from 29% in 2007. These businesses employ nearly 9 million people and generating more than $1.6 trillion in revenue each year.

Most of us recognize the contributions and successes of women small business owners. However, we also understand the road for women entrepreneurs is still going uphill. Giving women access to the strategies, tools and best practices needed to succeed is what I do. I  do what I love and love what I do. This passion sets me up to be good at it. I am your cheerleader, coach, trainer, and sister in the trenches. I'm generous with my time (and expertise), and strive for the highest quality in everything I do. I personalize and customize programs so you  get what you need for personal achievement, professional success, and extraordinary business.

Why I love what I do

Your subheadline should support the statement made in the headline and encourage people to engage further with your page content.


 Building and maintaining your personal brand to change how you present in the world - and how to transform your career, business & life.


Learning how to to show up authentically in every space that you enter: in the present, moment-by-moment, with care, self-love and confidence.


A space designed for us to listen, process, support, challenge, and share experiences for the betterment of us all, in the spirit of sisterhood.

When was the last time you had the mental and emotional space to enjoy your life, fully? Are you so busy that when you do have a moment, it’s hard, maybe even impossible, to relax. Never mind sitting still to meditate. πŸ˜“ Does your mind wander back-and-forth over your to-do list? If you are anything like me, you may feel responsible for everyone around you, at home, and in your business. Over the years, I have worked with many women who are so busy doing busy work that it is difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. May I offer you a chance to pause and reset? I've created a self-care series for those who want to experience and integrate mindfulness practices of meditation, self-care, reflection, and intentionality into their life. If you would like to slow down your pace, gather your thoughts, reset your energy, and focus on what matters most, then you are invited to join me on a journey to Pause & Reset. Click the link below to get started.

"What a great experience!"

Working with Andrea has been a game-changer. She helps me process the best ways to brand myself to grow my business. 

Working with Andrea Callahan, brand manager

Jackie Dunn


Getting ready for 2024...

The 12-Month Personal Development Life Plan

Start a process that drives you to improve your knowledge, skills and experience, so that you can achieve your life's goals.

Andrea Callahans Personal Development Life Plan


The journey of self-love transforms empowered moments with evolving experiences that ignite the courage women need to stand tall in their authentic brilliance.

Andrea Callahan, principal brand manager

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Andrea Callahan, the power of self-love



Embracing Your Worth: The Journey to Mental Wellness and Self-Love

Embracing Your Worth: The Journey to Mental Wellness and Self-Love



Your brand is the roadmap of your mind, heart, & soul. Be brilliant from the inside-out.  Stand tall.

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