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The team at Andrea Callahan International works very hard to create various avenues to connect with entrepreneurs. We are leading a new generation of Industry Influencers and world changers - one business at a time. Our intention is to connect with small business owners who desire maximize their personal strengths to build an extraordinary business. There are more than 10 million women-owned business. We employ more than 13 million people. Further, collectively we generate more than $1.9 TRILLION in sales! We should be connected! Supporting each other. Sharing ideas. Creating synergy. Masterminding and challenging each other to further greatness.

We believe in the Personal Success Principle™ Small business owners can shift the lifestyle vs. wealth paradigm. You can indeed have a business that is conducive to your well-being doing something you love while while generating substantial revenue.

We enjoy meeting entrepreneurs who relish in the power paradox of a conscious profitable lifestyle business.

If you are ready to build a brand to attract your target market; create marketing communications to connect with your ideal buyer; use relationship marketing strategies to build a tribe of loyal repeat buyers; as well as maximize your team's strengths to bring it all together...Let's go!

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