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We have a catalog of soft skill and management training to teach entrepreneurs become exceptionally effective managers and leaders. Our primary intention is to help service professionals to maximize personal achievement and professional success – and even become happier in life too!

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Vicki-Victorious FreelancerOur extensive catalog is 
divided into 5 areas for 
entrepreneurial and business success.

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P2418 Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure Training 2 Day
P2415 Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance Training 1 Day
P2409 Power Skills for an Administrative Assistant Training 2 Day
P2106 Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace Training 2 Day
P2101 Problem Solving & Decision Making Made Effective Training 2 Day
P2408 Critical Elements of Customer Service Training 2 Day
P2701 Business Ethics in the Office Training 2 Day
P2420 Critical Thinking Training 2 Day
P2401 Advanced Writing Skills Training 1 Day
P2404 Assertiveness Training Training 1 Day
P2001 Building Relationships for Success in Sales Training 1 Day
P2411 Business Etiquette: Gaining that Extra Edge Training 1 Day
P2010 Body Language: Learning a New Way to Sales Tool Training 1 Day
P2417 Conflict Resolution: Dealing With Difficult People Workshop 1 Day
P2412 Creating a Dynamic Career Portfolio Training 1 Day
P2201 Conflict Resolution: A One Day Primer Workshop 1 Day
P2002 Dynamic Sales Presentations Training 1 Day
P2702 Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace Training 1 Day
P2403 Emotional Intelligence Training 1 Day
P2425 Goal Setting for Success Training 1 Day
P2324 Giving Effective Feedback for Everyone to Win Training 1 Day
P2303 Marketing & Sales Creatively Training 1 Day
P2407 Mastering the Interview Training 1 Day
P2323 Managing Difficult Conversations Training 1 Day
P2410 Minute Takers Workshop Training 1 Day
P2003 Overcoming Objections in Order to Nail the Sale Training 1 Day
P2004 Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro Training 1 Day
P2005 Selling Smarter Training 1 Day
P2113 Stress Management Training 1 Day
P2008 Telemarketing: Telephone, the Still the Ultimate Sales Tool Training 1 Day
P2406 Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage Training 1 day
P2116 Accounting Skills For New Supervisors Training 2 Day


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